It is easy to be overwhelmed by the wealth of information available online when you are searching for a good house cleaning service. Visiting site after site, requesting quotes, and trying to gauge a company’s professionalism through chat and calls can be tiring and time-consuming. Even at the end of that, you are not really sure if you will be getting your money’s worth.

If only there were insider tips on making the right choice when it comes to your home cleaning service!

To help you navigate the treacherous waters of house cleaning, we have listed our top tips from the industry like CleanMyTribe so by the end, you will know what to look for, the best times to book and ways to get it for the lowest costs.

Don’t put too much trust in online reviews

Happy customers do not leave many reviews while unhappy customers vent and rage about their experience. Obviously, if a company almost completely consists of negative reviews, you would be wise to stay away but if the good and the bad seem balanced out, it sounds average. 

On the other side of the scale, if a company has a perfect score, there is a good chance something’s afoot. There are numerous companies who pay for positive reviews. A simple rule of thumb I follow is to avoid a company that has all positive reviews, avoid companies with all negative reviews and opt for the consistent results that crop up on your search, says Mick from VR Digital who is an expert in business marketing and reputation management.

What kind of cleaning services are offered

When looking for a cleaning company, you will want to find one that meets your needs. It is good to find a company that is flexible in their types and frequency of cleanings. Whether you want one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, or perhaps a specific cleaning (such as a kitchen or fridge deep-cleaning), you will want a company that can work with your needs such as BlueSpring Cleaning.

Inquire about insurance and compensation for the workers

When shortlisting companies, ask each of them if they are insured. This is an important point you need to make clear, but sadly, it is not something that is widely known. If a company is insured, they are in a position to cover any damages to property and people or theft incidents that happen when cleaning. If the company is uninsured, you might be liable for any damages to your house or for any injured employees. We live in an increasingly litigious world and things like this can result in lawsuits!

Now, this layer of protection comes at a cost and will probably cost you more, so it is up to you to decide if you need that extra blanket of protection and safety.

How old is the company? Are they affiliated to professional organizations? 

Starting a cleaning company doesn’t require much of an overhead. Anybody with a van and cleaning tools can quickly open a business. 

A company that has years of experience in the field is always a good option. Let me give you two reasons why. The first is that in order to last long in this fast-moving industry can only mean that they are doing an exceptional job. Secondly, it is pretty common for companies with notorious reputations to close up shop and open under a new name.

A company with multiple awards, certifications and affiliations to industry related organizations is also a sign of a reputed cleaning business. While it is not difficult or mandatory to join professional organizations, such a move signals professionalism and commitment to the trade. 

Familiarize yourself with their terms of service

To avoid receiving fees that make your heart skip a beat, request for their charges on cancellation and changes in the date. Many companies charge a cancellation fee and by knowing this information ahead, you can better plan your schedule. You can also ask them in advance regarding the fee for every square footage they clean.

Also ask about extra charges that may be accrued while cleaning certain places like a dog or cat house, or a particularly dirty space. 

You might also be wise in asking the company if background checks are done on their employees. Does the company have a fixed roster of staff or do they take in random people for the job at hand? After all, hiring a cleaner invites an unknown individual right into your house with valuable belongings, sometimes when you are away from home too. To prevent burglary or worse, opt for a company that background checks their employees and carefully interviews their recruits.