On our most recent trip to Mexico, we stayed in Valladolid and did a variety of different day trips. We rented a car in Cancun, which allowed us to be able to explore a lot of different cenotes. Let me just say that this is one of the nicest cenotes we have visited! If you aren’t familiar with cenotes, water-filled sinkholes that make for wonderful swimming!

This is a newer cenote that was opened to the public in 2019, and so the facilities are relatively new. We were impressed with both the cenote and the facilities.

This cenote is only 20-30 minutes from Valladolid. It is an easy drive and easy to find using Google Maps.

There is a large gate at the entrance, which makes it easy to spot.

Once we went through the main gate, it was not far to the cenote.

There was a nice, big parking lot. We went in the afternoon, and it was not crowded at all.

There is a short path to the main building. For $10 USD, you get access to Cenote Chukum-Ha, parking, life jackets (optional), and lockers. There is another option that includes a buffet.

The bathrooms here are very nice. If you have traveled around Mexico, you are probably familiar with the possibility of bathrooms that are in rough shape. These were quite nice!

The bathrooms had good ventilation (great during Covid) and even extra hand sanitizer and feminine products.

There are lockers here for storing things if needed.

Before entering the cenote, everyone had to take a shower, which is standard practice to clean you off. We are also careful about using reef-safe sunscreens when we travel, to minimize any effects on natural areas.

There is a staircase down to the cenote.

Once you get down to the cenote, there are nice platforms to walk on and put your things. Often, we find there is not much space to set your things or to walk around the cenote.

When we went, water levels were a little higher than normal, and some of the platforms were slightly submerged. I went barefoot on these sections as my husband and kids were swimming, but I was not.

There are several areas to jump in or to wade in to the cenote.

We went on a weekday afternoon, and the only other people there were a handful of divers. This cenote measures 65 feet deep.

Otherwise we had the place to our own!

It is nice to go on a hot, sunny day, as the sun shines down into the cenote as a beam of light.

One of the fantastic things about this cenote is that there is a zipline and a jumping platform. We have been to many cenotes, and swimming is nice, but it can become boring or tiring (at least for the kids). Having a zipline, platform, or rope swing makes a big difference! Not only that, but the zipline automatically returns to the top of the platform! There is no need to retrieve it.

You can even go on both ziplines at the same time, which the kids loved.

In addition to swimming, it was neat to see a variety of cave formations.

Overall, we had a wonderful time at Cenote Chukum. Because of the jumping platforms and zipline, we spent more time here than some of the other cenotes we have been to.

There is a gift shop on the way out. We also enjoyed being able to change in the clean bathrooms as well.

Visit Hacienda Chukum at https://www.haciendachukum.com/

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