54.23% of Americans visit a dentist every year. The visits are meant to treat dental issues and identify tooth problems.

Conducting regular dental exams will prevent tooth decay and improve oral health. In addition, these checkups will look for signs of periodontal disease, cavities, and gingivitis. If a problem is identified, the doctor will perform a dental treatment to rectify the situation.

Each dental issue requires a unique procedure to treat it. Here are the primary dental procedures that you can expect when you visit a Mountain View dental clinic.


Tooth decay and cavities are the most common types of oral problems. Dental fillings can solve this problem by repairing fractures and cracks on the teeth.

Doctors immediately check for cracks and cavities if you have a toothache. They do this by conducting an x-ray examination to see the internal structure of the teeth. If they identify any cracks or cavities, they’ll immediately perform a dental fillings procedure.

The doctor will numb the tooth, clean it, and then seal it with a dental filling. There are many types of dental fillings, including resin, porcelain, silver, and gold.


A crown is a dental procedure that strengthens and restores your tooth’s shape. For instance, if you have broken or worn out teeth, your local dentist may perform a crown procedure. The dentist will attach the crown to the visible tooth.

You can choose a denture made of metal, porcelain, or a combination of both materials. Porcelain crowns are famous in the dental industry because they look a lot like natural teeth.

You’ll only undergo a crown procedure if the remaining tooth is too small to host a filing. Typically, the crown will be formulated in a laboratory using the specifications of your tooth. These specifications include the size and the movement of your jaw, the shape and size of your teeth, and the size of your gums.


Partial and full dentures resemble natural teeth, but you can remove them at any time. You’ll receive full dentures if you don’t have any teeth remaining. On the other hand, partial dentures help to replace a few permanent teeth.

You have to take care of your dentures by cleaning them regularly while keeping your gums and tongue clean.


Your tooth may decay or misshapen to a point where it has to be removed. If it’s not removed, it may affect the surrounding teeth or cause injury. Once the best dentist has determined that tooth removal is the best solution, they’ll conduct a tooth extraction procedure.

The dentist will increase the size of the tooth socket and then remove the tooth from the ligament. You’ll be sedated while the extraction process is ongoing. You must, however, remember that tooth extraction can negatively impact jaw function.

Protect Your Oral Health by Using the Right Dental Procedures

Tooth problems are unavoidable, but you can use a dental procedure to rectify them. The dental procedures will depend on how damaged your tooth is. In addition, the rate of recovery and cost varies from one dental procedure to another.

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