When it comes to dogs, it’s essential to be sensitive to their needs. They cannot speak and tell you what they require at the moment, so it’s necessary to watch out for signs that your dog is feeling under the weather. This way, treatment can be given as soon as possible, and they can recover quickly.

It’s been said that people can tell if a dog is sick by checking their nose, but it’s hard to pinpoint the actual problem based on how wet that part of their body is. It’s still essential to look for symptoms and know whether the dog is acting differently than usual. This will help owners decide when to call or go to the vet to have their pet checked.

The veterinarian listens to the dog with a stethoscope

Once it’s been confirmed that your canine buddy isn’t feeling well, following the care tips below might help them feel better.

  1. Remove Whatever Is Making Them Sick 

Depending on the kind of sickness the dog has, it might be necessary to get rid of whatever’s causing it. For instance, the possible causes of your dog’s runny nose could be allergies, an infection, irritation, heat, or even dental problems. If it’s the first one, try to find and get rid of the allergen. For instance, they might be allergic to cigarette smoke or dust, so anyone who smokes in your household should do it outside or you have to clean up more often.

  1. Keep Observing Them

Another thing that owners need to do is to keep a close eye on their pets. This is to see if their condition worsens or if they start showing other symptoms. Sometimes a dog’s nose might start bleeding when they have a runny nose, and it can be hard to spot it if you don’t check on them from time to time. It’s also essential to make sure they’re drinking or eating well. If they aren’t, it might be necessary to have them confined.

  1. Give Them Canned Pumpkin For An Upset Stomach

If your dog has an upset stomach, they might not eat properly or drink enough water as a result. Other symptoms include being depressed, being tired, and looking uncomfortable. They might stretch a lot or lick more often.

There are several ways to cure your dog’s upset stomach, and one of those is to feed them canned pumpkin. Make sure it contains only pumpkin and doesn’t have any other ingredients because those might worsen your dog’s condition.

  1. Make Sure Water Is Available

Water is vital for sick dogs, especially if they seem dehydrated. However, if you notice that they throw it back up after drinking, it’s best to take it away. Instead, you could give the dog a few tablespoons of water every 30 minutes just to make sure they don’t get dehydrated.

  1. Soothe And Calm Your Dog

When animals are sick, they can be more irritable or aggressive. Because of this, it’s advisable to help them feel calm, soothed, and safe. To do so, see to it that the room they’re in is quiet. You could even softly play some classical music if they respond well to it. This is something some shelters do to soothe the dogs under their care.

Other things you can do would be to distract them. If they’re in severe pain, you could try massaging other parts of their body to get their attention. Petting them and talking to them in a low voice may also lead them to relax.

  1. Keep Them Away From Other Pets

If your dog is feeling under the weather, you’ll have to bring them to a different area in the house. Keeping them separate from everyone else is crucial because they might be carrying a virus or have a contagious disease.

Furthermore, it’ll help your sick dog feel more at ease. This is because other dogs can cause them stress or anxiety. Sick dogs should be on their own so they can relax and recover. For that purpose, create a comfortable space and set up their bed in another room.

  1. Never Give Them Human Medicine

Some make the mistake of giving their dog some human medicine thinking that it’d have the same effect on their pet as it does on them. This is extremely dangerous because dogs and people are not the same, and some ingredients in human medicine might not be safe for dogs.

  1. Head To The Vet If You Are Unsure

If your dog seems under the weather but you’re not too sure about it, go to the vet. It’s better to get a doctor’s opinion because they’re more familiar with symptoms and different illnesses that dogs might have. Doing so would also allow you to ask for professional advice on how you could care for your pet when they’re feeling sick.


When pets are sick, they can be helpless because they rely on you for care, food, and shelter. It’s essential for you to give them time and attention and to practice patience whenever they’re unwell. Observe them for symptoms to see if they’re getting worse or better. All in all, it’s a must to reassure them and get them to the vet should their condition not improve.