Want your house to be the envy of the block this holiday season? Then add candy cane decorations to your shopping list!

According to the National Confectioner’s Association, candy canes are an iconic holiday symbol, with more than 1 billion made each year.


Keep reading to discover how to use candy canes to turn your yard into a winter wonderland!

Ways to Use Candy Cane Decorations

Candy canes are a fun way to highlight the outside of any home. One way to do this is using giant candy cane decorations. 

Line them, hang them, light them up: There are many ways to use these lifesized displays.

Light Up Your Yard

Candy cane yard decorations can be both festive and functional. Use them to make a fence around your lawn and frame your holiday display at the same time.

Place large candy cane decorations along either side of a driveway or walkway to create a magical path to your home. You can also use them to hang string lights – illuminating your yard and holiday spirit.

Lawn care tip: Heavy objects can kill or damage your grass. Use lawn-friendly decorations, which are lightweight and can be moved around easily for best results. 

Make a Bold Entrance

There’s no better way to enter this holiday season (and your home) than with giant candy canes!

Frame your doorway with these big confections – or make a candy cane gate – for a grand entrance that’s sure to be the focal point of any display (and neighborhood).

You can also use giant candy canes to hang wreaths, ribbons, jingle bells, or other ornaments. These will spruce up your porch’s “wow” factor. 

Lawn care tip: Try placing the focus of your display on the porch, steps, sidewalk, or driveway. By putting a majority of the decorations around the yard, you can avoid unnecessary damage in the yard.

Spruce up Your Garden

This winter, flowers are out – candy canes are in.

Candy cane Christmas decorations are an easy way to fill those dormant planting beds back up with life. Or you can try adding them to your shrubbery for an extra pop of candy color.

However, you use them, outdoor candy cane decorations are a great way to transform your yard and turn old decor into new! Place a couple around your mailbox or hang them from a tree.

Lawn care tip: Winterizing your yard can go a long way in preventing damage. Make sure you’ve taken all the necessary steps in proper lawn maintenance before positioning your decor.

The Bottom Line on Candy Canes

Don’t let the Ghost of Christmas Past haunt your decorating future! Instead, try adding candy cane decorations to your display this year for a yard that’s sure to impress even the Scrooge-iest of neighbors. 

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