Congratulations! It’s a boy! And he’s a boy who needs some cute baby clothes to keep him snug and warm as he grows up. Baby clothes can feel like a fun shopping excursion, or like a lot of indecision.

There are a few things to consider that will help you when picking out the perfect outfits for your little boy. Baby boy clothes aren’t always one size fits all, in more ways than one, so these parameters will help you better determine how to buy for your baby.

Development Stage

The first thing to consider when buying clothes for your baby boy is to determine what development stage you’re buying for. Toddlers and walkers need different outfits than newborns. Length, weight, and activity level will need to be considered before you pull out your wallet. You might want to buy everything all at once, but it can be easier to buy some things as your child grows so you get the right size and style for them.

Function Over Fashion

There are tons of styles to pick from when it comes to baby boy clothes. And you will see all kinds of outfits with the bells and whistles like the little button-down, suspenders, and more. However, when shopping for the majority of your outfits, think about function first.

Is this fabric soft, easily washable, and good for your baby boy? Will it be easy for him to wear and move in? Function should be considered first when it comes to baby clothes, for your benefit and the benefit of your child.

Keep it Simple

To put it simply, babies are messy. And when you’re shopping for baby onesies and baby socks and seeing all the cute matching and buttoned outfits, you might be tempted to dress your baby up like a dapper little man. But caring for a baby requires a lot of outfit changes and a lot of laundry.

Generally, when picking out cute baby clothes, it’s easier for you and your baby to keep the styles simple. There are tons of great neutral outfits out there to suit your little baby boy and won’t give you a headache if he throws up on it two minutes after you dress him.

Extras for Special Occasions 

Any parent knows that having a change of clothes on hand is essential. Accidents happen all the time with food, diapers, and more. You can always find cute baby boy diaper bags to help you carry everything you need from baby bibs to some extra bottles. 

And if you can’t resist all the cute baby boy clothes that may seem a little unnecessary, you can always buy a few outfits for special occasions like holidays or photos. For your budget and your baby, it’s easier to not go all out every day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great pictures in with your baby a little more dressed up.

The Best Baby Boy Clothes

The best baby boy clothes are going to be the outfits that fit your baby comfortably, with soft fabric, and good function. They aren’t going to be hard to get on and off and should be something you won’t worry about your baby wearing. And if you found this helpful in deciding the best baby clothes for your baby boy, keep reading for more good advice.