Austin is a thriving town that has a lot to offer.  Although it’s well-known for normal attractions like the Blanton Museum of Art and the Texas Capitol: Austin isn’t scared of getting a little weird!

These are the top attractions that keep Austin more interesting than any other city you’ve been to! So if you’re in town, check some of them out!

Museum of the Weird

The Museum of the Weird is a highly rated attraction that offers an array of curiosities and oddities.  With displays on everything from shrunken heads to sasquatch, you can enjoy going through a museum that gives off the same feeling as P.T. Barnum’s early museum did.  

Although it’s hard to tell how factual and how much super glue and charisma are, this is a fun stop that everyone should make.  

Annual Buda Wiener Dog Races

Everyone knows about horse and greyhound races: but did you know there’s an annual wiener dog race?  This yearly race that happens every April gives these short cute dogs the chance to show how fast they are.

These races are a healthy mixture of competitiveness and fun, and if you get the opportunity to go, you should!  It never disappoints. 

Cathedral of Junk

This fun multilevel shelter comprises over sixty tons of used and discarded furniture, home goods, and trinkets, making it an intricately interesting sight.

Started in 1989 by Vince Hanneman as a passion project, it’s grown into a clubhouse with secret rooms, a tower, and winding stairs that are all completely functional and safe to use.  This is a fun stop to make, but make sure to call ahead so that you can get a rundown on the pricing and parking.

Urban Axes

Some date nights cling to the classics like going to museums or playing putt, but Urban axes turn that on its head and create an environment of exciting fun where you get to throw axes and make fun connections.

Although this can be an intense activity for some, those who do it say that it’s exhilarating and fun.  This is a fantastic way to relax from the stress of looking at houses for rent in Austin, TX.

Esther’s Follies

If you’ve ever wanted to see a live vaudeville performance: it’s never too late to!  Esther’s Follies offers a mix of magic and musical comedy in a small and cozy venue.  Unique Austin humor mixes with political satire that anyone could enjoy.  

Eeyore’s Birthday at Pease Park

Eeyore’s Birthday Party is a fun event held on the last Saturday of April every year.  Running since 1963, it benefits local charities and non-profit groups in Austin to give back while allowing people to party and cut loose.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, it was closed for 2020 and 2021, but there’s a lot of hope that it will get started back up by 2022!  This party may be a fundraiser, but it’s still a fantastic celebration to enjoy at the beginning of spring and is worth a visit!