You usually hear about some of the Altivar products, such as Altivar 08, Altivar 61, and many more, that you can read more about on the MRO Electric website. 

Here are some of the models:


This is one module of the Altivar 08 series. It is created to control. This device is suitable for several industrial applications. It is very easy to use and very effective too. It is easy and simple installation in any of your applications results in a huge profit to your business. The essential duties of this product contain start and speed control, eversion of the functioning direction, speeding up, slowing down, and stopping. In addition, motor and speed command protection. The electromagnetic consistency filters were merged on the Altivar 08  to help make the installation process easier.


This product is one of many in Altivar’s ATV11 series. This includes industrial automation and modifiable control machine drive devices. This great product is made to meet up your request for a strong device that accommodates field-directed command, that is also known as vector control, through your industrial application through controlling alternating current simultaneous and induction motors. This will decrease the cost of energy by restricting the duration, by limiting the time when the motor is not performing at its best possible speed. It can enhance the low-speed twist. It will improve speed arrangement and starting twist. The product provides the best effectiveness for the automation requirements. In case you are worried about accuracy, then this product is the one you can depend on to achieve your task in the best possible way. The product has a remarkable design and weighs about 4 pounds.


This is one of the most important products produced by Schneider Electric, for non-contemporary motors. The following drive is magic that you are searching for to enhance the process of saving more money and decreasing energy waste. This product rules when it comes to energy effectiveness. This will help you to control how much energy you would like to save when using an application like fans and pumps. It includes some additional features that add some improvements to help you have a better experience. When changing the frequency setting, you will be able to avert the issues that take place with overheating. To prevent this incidental distortion, the frequency must not surpass 4 kHz if the filters are disjointed. This product comes with a 2 years warranty.