For several decades, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has dominated addiction management and recovery. And it’s all for good reasons – high alcohol abstinence success rate, anonymity, the convenience of AA meetings, and more. 

Nearly every region in the world has an AA center. So, finding these meetings isn’t wouldn’t be a problem. For example, if you live in Colorado Springs, search AA Meetings Colorado Springs

One exciting thing about AA meetings is that you don’t have to make an appointment whenever you want to attend. The program is open to anyone who has decided to overcome their alcohol dependence. 

Ways You Can Benefit From AA Meetings Colorado Springs

If it’s your first time attending an AA meeting, you may have fears like many other people. One of the biggest concerns is the stigma that surrounds addiction. But after attending a couple of sessions, you’ll realize that AA takes a unique, highly supportive approach to manage and overcome addictions. 

AA meetings are well-known for providing a compassionate environment. The members have a common objective – achieve sobriety. In other words, you’ll be interacting with people facing the same challenges as you. 

Therefore, the individuals attending AA meetings are not there to judge you. The AA approach is built on mutual support, helping you renew hope and regain a sense of life purpose. Learn more about alcoholics anonymous meetings at Abbey Care Foundation.

Another thing you’ll notice during AA Meetings Colorado Springs is that participants freely share their addiction experiences, weaknesses and strengthsand, strengths., etc. Some of the members have successfully overcome alcohol dependence and will discuss their recovery journey with the attendees. 

Being part of these discussion groups can boost your confidence, inspire you to open up about your struggles, and learn to live a happy life without alcohol. 

AA meetings also promote accountability. While AA does not follow up to see how members are doing, the individuals surrounding you can help reinforce your commitment to overcome substance abuse. 

Are AA Meetings Free?

Yes, attending AA meetings is free. However, donations are welcome to support the program. 

Selecting AA meetings In Colorado Springs, CO

There are two types of AA meetings: 

1. Open meetings 

Anyone can go to open AA meetings, whether they have a drinking problem or not. These meetings can be a good option, especially if you:

  • ·    Want your loved ones to join you 
  • ·    Want to learn more about alcoholism treatment 
  • ·    Not sure whether AA is a better approach to sobriety

2. Closed meetings 

Closed AA meetings are strictly for members who are trying to stop drinking. They involve more in-depth discussions. 

How to Get the Most Out of AA Meetings 

AA groups don’t keep attendance records. You are free to attend when you want. However, it’s advisable to attend these meetings regularly, even when you don’t feel like itlike to.

It is also wise to remain open-minded during AA meetings. Step out of your comfort zone and consider ideas, arguments, and information others share with you. 

Lastly, you’ll want to sit in front to avoid most of the distractions.

The Final Word 

The AA program has led so many people with drinking problems to live happy, successful lives. AA produces higher rates of continuous abstinence than other alcoholism treatment models. The 12-step program has many aspects to treatment, which can help restore your mind, body, and spirit. However, achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety requires dedication and commitment.