The top 5 professions of the future have been taking shape, and the new decade seems to change the future radically. Already, we see the planet changing and unique vital needs being created. Technology is constantly evolving at an incredible pace and with tremendous speed, and many believe that evolution is destroying people’s employment. 

Computer Work

However, it “generates” exciting opportunities and new perspectives, opening new career horizons. For several years now, the changes that have taken place have been dramatic. Some of the past professions were “lost”, and in their place “appeared” new ones, which play an essential role in our daily lives.

Choosing a profession is a continuous process through which we are constantly evolving, gaining more knowledge, skills and new experiences. The same, of course, applies to the professions of the future! So the question is: what are the professional needs that we want to meet? For this reason, we must be aware of any new trends in the labour market. Following the above, we have gathered for you the 5 top professions of the future with the highest demand, which we quote below!

1. Graphic Designer

A graphic Designer is an employee who “builds” the image of a company. It is the means of implementing all ideas. For example, logos, flyers, magazines, websites, etc., everything “passes” through him.

2. Web, Software, or App Developer

Of course, Web Developer, app developer, and software Developer could not be missing from our list. Directly linked to the past, they are already considered top professions of the future and essential today, all related to the internet.

The Web Developer is the invisible hero behind every website and every web channel, the man who takes care of the proper functioning of every online entity. On the other hand, the speciality of Software Developer is already in a high ranking, as it has a direct interface with software and application development. Apps are something people use on a daily basis, and there is a constantly growing need for apps. Developers can use app templates to create a diverse range of apps, from commerce to games.

These developers can work in almost any field, such as professional NFT development services, which can be used in a wide array of businesses. Web and software development needs are far reaching, and you can work in a particular niche or cast a wide net.

3. Social Media Manager

This is a very popular job! The rapid development of technology and our active involvement with social media have contributed to this profession’s “birth” and consolidation.

But what exactly does a Social Media Manager do? Informs and interacts with the public of each company, significantly expanding its network. It also manages the public “image” of the company or brand 24/7.

4. User Experience Expert

In this position is the person who defines and plans how a user feels when browsing an internet platform, a website, etc. UX is about programming, research and testing and, in essence, corrects and redefines routes and the paths that users and customers will follow to make their experience more enjoyable.

5. Video Editor

Video is the content of most websites, social media and e-shops and dominates the digital world. As video content has grown, the video editor’s profession has become sought after. In fact, it is expected that it will be in the top specialities that companies will look for in every country in the coming years.

6. Voice Actor

A voice actor creates material for various mediums, such as commercials, online video, film content and television. The huge opportunities for development and opportunities in this profession increased along with the rise of technology, which allowed most professionals to practice this profession from home, recording with their own equipment and then mixing their own material. In this way, most professional voice actors gain more independence and flexibility, which is very important in the modern work environment. If this profession is of interest to you, you can turn to the business opportunities of Voquent, a company that is constantly looking for new professionals to join its team. So do not miss the opportunity!