When you sleep, you may experience lasting headaches and jaw pain. While you may not be familiar with where they are coming from, it could be because you grind your teeth. A night guard is a plastic piece meant to cover your teeth or biting surfaces and is custom-made. The goal is to make you stop grinding and help you with gum issues. In addition, this is massively different from the guard you wear in sports, so don’t confuse the two.  Using a sports guard at night can potentially be fatal. It would be best to never attempt to do this. When it comes to the proper guard for you, take the time to get the appropriate care. It will impact your mouth and your life immediately.

How It Works

When you wear a night guard at night, your gums are protected from trauma. It also, however, traps bacteria on your gums because your saliva can’t get to your gums. Because saliva is needed to neutralize the acids that harm gums and teeth, you need a nightguard to have the proper care. Going to your dentist is the only way to achieve this. You will find that you may need a different type of guard as well, and if that is the case, your dentist from Teeth Night Guard Lab can help with that.

Knowing What To Use When You Need A Teeth Night Guard

When you need a teeth night guard, not all are created equal. Drug stores have them. However, they are not recommended because they change how your teeth sit in your mouth. Hard guards are used to treating the condition of TMJ and grinding that is more severe, as well as issues that come with it. It causes your muscles to relax, giving your bite the chance to move into a healthy position. 

Custom-made options are the best version of the night guard, and you can only have them made by going to a dentist. They use high-quality and professional materials and techniques that will allow you to have the proper care. That ensures that you have a guard that will last years instead of days. Protecting your teeth and gums from cuts, germs, and damage is significant. As such, you need the best guard possible. Because the damage from grinding can be so substantial, it is highly recommended that you trust a professional to help you here rather than a store’s version.

Getting The Guard That Works For You

When you have issues with your teeth, this can be dangerous. When you are grinding your teeth at night, you cause yourself permanent damage. That is particularly true if you have been grinding so hard that you generate a chipped tooth. When this happens, you are cutting your cheek, and the tooth roots can sink into your gums, causing your mouth to go septic. Going septic can be fatal, so you want this to get taken care of quickly. Don’t risk your health, and ensure that you use the proper nightguard to avoid further damage.