Right around 173,000 terawatts of electricity bombard the earth’s surface at all times. This ridiculous amount of energy could power all of the world’s energy needs many times over. If only we could harvest it all!

Even if we haven’t found a way to power the entire world from the sun, great strides in residential solar power have been made in recent years. If you have ever considered getting some home solar panels, now is the time.


Home solar panels have never been cheaper, and learning how to install residential solar panels is easy if you use a professional. These five steps will tell you exactly how to install residential solar power.

1. Assess Your Climate

What area of the country do you live in? What are the seasonal variations in sunlight in your area? Solar panels will be far more efficient if they receive an abundance of sunlight each day.

Assessing your climate to determine if it is feasible for solar power is your first step. Not all climates work great, but almost anywhere can provide at least a little solar power.

2. Assess Your Property

How much sunlight does your specific property get? Is there any vegetation in the way that you can trim?

Do you have a south-facing aspect on your roof or in your yard? These are the things you need to ask when assessing your property.

3. Calculate Your Total Energy Usage

When a professional solar installation specialist, such as Blue Raven, shows up, one of the first questions they will ask will be about your total power usage.

Come prepared for your appointment with monthly billing statements and total annual power usage. This will help professionals determine how many solar panels you will need.

4. Find a Residential Solar Power Specialist

Do not attempt to install solar panels yourself. Many aspects of the installation process can be dangerous or complicated for you to handle on your own. Do a bit of research online and find your best installation specialist option.

They will come by your home and provide you with an estimate of costs. They should also give you a timeline for how long the installation will take.

5. Prepare Your House for Home Solar Panels

Reinforce that old roof, clear out excess shading vegetation, and make your house ready for a solar installation. This could mean contacting the power company to find out where important power connections are.

Ask your solar installation specialist what exactly you should do to prepare your home for a solar installation. Sometimes they may offer to handle everything for you. Other times you may have to do some things yourself.

Let the Sun Shine on You

The sunshine can do much more for you than give you a tan and lighten your mood. It can also provide all of your home power needs. Residential solar power has the potential to make your life much more sustainable and easy.

When you are ready, make the solar switch for your budget and the good of the environment. We aim to provide you with tons of informative articles. Make sure to stop back on our site and see what else is on offer.