It is never easy to convince children to read in a world of tablets and games consoles, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Children can have the best possible head start in life if they are introduced to books at an early age, and if you want to entice them to want to read, a reading nook is the way to go. When you work to create a comfortable and cozy space for your children to relax in and read, you are going to give them a reason to truly fall in love with reading.

Your children deserve to feel as if they’re going to be diving into a new world of imagination – which is exactly what they will be doing. You could go to a custom furniture manufacturer to create a miniature version of the cuddle chair that’s the perfect size for your child, or you could choose to use any of the five ideas for a creative reading nook below. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do!

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Reading nook: clubhouse style!

If you have a closet under the stairs or even a secure treehouse on your property, you could change either of these into a clubhouse for your children to read in. Maximizing a smaller space with built-in furniture and shelving for their books is the perfect space to feel secure and comfortable. It’s a great option as you can decorate it with bright colors and add lots of lighting.

  1. Up the wall

If you have the space, creating a tall reading nook at the top of the room is going to make a big difference to your child. They can climb a ladder into a nest of their own, with floating shelves on the walls that will carry all of the books, your children could feel as if they are literally climbing a ladder into new books!

  1. Add a window box

Natural light is so important for reading without straining your eyes. There are plenty of options for installing window boxes out there, and you can use cushions and a privacy curtain to give your child a soft and light space in which to read and enjoy a new book. You can use the privacy curtain to help your child feel as if they are “going into the world” of the author.

  1. Don’t forget the furniture

Somewhere to sit, something for the books to live in and a space for a drink to sit without it spilling are all important for a fun hour or two reading. Adding furniture is important and it can be custom-made to ensure that your child fits into the space.

  1. Convert the attic

If you want to go one better with a creative and unique reading nook, go from nook to room and convert the attic. You can fill the space with plush sofas and wall to wall shelving full of books. You could even install a small refrigerator up there for drinks, saving your children from coming to the kitchen every time they get thirsty.