This is a cute and easy craft for kids to do any time, or at Halloween. You can make these just for fun, or to learn more about spiders. Pinecones can be purchased or collected outdoors. Be respectful of places that have “leave no trace” policies. However, often times you can find suitable pinecones right in your own backyard.

Materials needed:

~ pinecones
~ paint, possibly glitter
~ googly eyes or paper eyes
~ pipe cleaners
~ glue

Many of these supplies can be found at the dollar store for very cheap.

Start by decorating the pinecone. You can paint it any color, or use glue and glitter – however you want!

Once the pinecone is dry, attach the spider legs.

Since spiders have 8 legs, we used four pipe cleaners. Just line them up, and twist together in the middle.

Secure the legs to the pinecone. We haven’t had any issues just sticking it in the pinecone, but you could glue it on if you want.

Shape the legs as needed. The pinecone may need to sit, if the legs can’t support the weight of the pinecone.

Add on your eyes. We added two, but you can add more, since spiders have eight!