Years back, the kitchen was a hidden area at the back of the house. It was a meal preparation area and a place for washing all the dirty dishes. Fast forward to this year, kitchens are playing different roles. Kitchens are the focal point of the home and a place where every family member gathers in the morning or the evening. This has led to homeowners parading the kitchen with beauty and warmth to make the area even more visible.

If you want to remodel your kitchen to suit your family’s needs where you can enjoy cooking and entertaining, from smoked meat, to cuisine Montreal dishes, below are the top trends in kitchen design.

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Dark Kitchens

In the past decade, people were all about white and bright colors for the kitchens. Homeowners would paint everything white instead of using natural wood cabinets and dark granite. This year, this trend is changing. White kitchens are taking a back seat, and the cabinets and countertops are going dark. People are shifting to black marble, earthy walnut, and midnight greens for the cabinets and countertops.

Practical storage is a big part of every kitchen space, especially hidden storage solutions. A storage system is necessary for a streamlined finish as they maximize space without negatively affecting your kitchen’s appearance and style. There has been quite a high demand for practical storage solutions such as large butler-type units. These units are more modern and deliver a functional and clutter-free living in style. Others are going for breakfast cupboards which also reduce clutter and keep the kitchen’s aesthetic as you can store your kitchen gadgets in them.

Hot Water Taps

In this world, everything is instant, that we find it hard to wait for the water to boil in the kettle. Therefore, hot water taps are the new trend. With more employees working remotely from home due to the pandemic, hot water is in high demand for making teas and coffee in between video calls. Hot water taps are a trend to look out for this year.

Captivating Tile Layouts

When it comes to tiling your kitchen, formation is a huge trend to watch. Although the classic shapes and metro tiles are still very popular, the placement makes all the difference. Homeowners now want staggered brick bonds, herringbone patterns, step ladder effects, and simple linear arrangements. Living room furnishings.

Due to the high increase in popularity of open-plan living, we see living room furnishing also growing in popularity in the kitchens. Since the kitchens are the heart of people’s homes, creating a comfortable well-presented space is essential. 

One of the areas to look out for is the lighting. In modern kitchens, lighting has more freedom. Homeowners are using statement pendants to dress the aesthetic. Lighting is essential in making kitchens look and feel more like living rooms, even though spotlights and downlights are still crucial.

Whether it’s your wish to upgrade your kitchen by redecorating or changing the color schemes and arrangement, you must understand the latest trend in kitchen designs, from captivating tile layouts, hot water taps to dark kitchens; there is a lot you can do to your kitchen to make it feel like home.