Once you decide to purchase a kids scooter for your child, it’s important to know that teaching them how to ride one is crucial. 

Kid’s scooters differ from bicycles because there’s far less effort to maintain one’s balance. Essentially, kids will have both hands on the handlebars, one foot on the scooter seat and the other on the ground, ready to propel forward or back. 

It may not be very difficult for you as a parent to teach children how to ride a scooter. There are tips you can keep in mind during this process to make things easier for everyone involved.

Let’s go 

Introduce The Basics

One way to teach children something is to show them. Allow them to touch, inspect, and admire the equipment firsthand before they can ride it. This allows them to become more familiar with what they are supposed to be learning about.

Show Them How To Ride The Scooter

Like a math teacher wouldn’t ask a child to solve math problems without first solving them himself. 

You need to set an example for your kid of how to use this scooter. First, hop on with one foot, propel yourself forward, and demonstrate that you can turn using your feet by pushing down on the handlebar. 

Show what to do to stop the wheels from moving–remember you should always make sure your little tyke is attentive.

Prepare Them Indoors 

It must excite your children about their new scooter, and they probably want to show it to their friends. 

But you should likely encourage them to cycle indoors on a carpet because it should be much safer should they happen to fall off of the bike during a ride.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Kids are free-spirited and want to zoom in as soon as they get on the scooter. But you must teach them or even tell them the story of the tortoise who won the race despite being slow—because slow and steady wins; the race! 

Make Use Of A Strap

So your child is learning to grasp it! Great job. Use a backup strap or harness to guide them around the yard to make sure they don’t fall. 

As they lean, ask them to keep their feet fully on the scooter for balance. This step is very important to garner confidence for kids. 

Make Them Aware Of Safety 

Make your child aware of the importance of wearing a helmet when using a bicycle or scooter. Show them how they can securely strap the headgear. Show them why wearing elbow pads is also a good idea to prevent them from getting hurt. 

Instil in your child’s mind at an early age that fun comes with great responsibility. Knowing how to stay safe and remain injury-free while pursuing hobbies is one of those things you’ll want to stress on.

So that if one day they just do get injured, the memory won’t discourage them from pursuing any future activities. 

Teach Them About Balance

Tell your child that balance is like a seesaw. If you feel you’re falling off the scooter towards one side, put your foot down so you can hop back up and keep going! 

Although it’s very easy to lose balance on a scooter, their body will naturally attempt to keep them in balance. So the best thing they can do is understand how they know when they’re losing or gaining control of their scooter.

Take Them Out 

Only go outside after ensuring your child has completed the game in the house. If you feel they’re ready to move on, stay close, so they don’t fall. 

It’s scary letting them go on the big ride, but the more times you do that, the more confident they will get, making them ride better and learn better balance. After doing this for a while, the next step is to let them ride their own without hovering too closely; they will find their groove!


We hope this article helped teach you the art of riding a scooter with your child. Happy riding!