Let’s all agree that holidaying starts way before holidays arrive. We start feeling the excitement and merriness from the start of December. The happiness of meeting our loved ones, exchanging gifts, and laughing over delicious meals are the things that keep us going through the rest of the year.

Unfortunately, this year was not a regular year. The pandemic has left many scared and grief-stricken. Many families have lost their loved ones, while the rest of us might not be able to travel and be with our families.

Will we ever be able to live and enjoy life like we used to do before? Yes. The situation may not be in our favor right now, but things will change for the better, sooner or later. We know they will, and when they do, we need to be prepared to make the most out of that change.

If you are fortunate enough to be with loved ones this holiday season, get ready for some holiday gift ideas that’ll make your time together more memorable for you and your family:

1. Holiday Cookie Delivery

What’s a holiday without some cookies, right? We all have a lot of memories attached to this particular aspect of holidays. Our moms flipping pages of our grandmothers’ recipe book to find that perfect cookie recipe might – a childhood scene that perhaps most of us recall.

Knowing that many family members stayed home more than usual the last year, parents of the house had to bear a lot of extra burdens. Instead of asking them to bake, get cookies delivered to your doorstep from unique food delivery sites like ChocolateShippedCookies.com. After all, it’s always nice to give mammas some free time and shower them with your love and care.

2. DIY Gifts

Getting cookies delivered fulfills your sweet tooth for the holiday season. This means that getting a little creative and embracing the  DIY gifting side of you is up next. 

Since it’s the thought that counts, a simple, hand-made ‘Happy Holidays’ card can light up the face of your friends and family like nothing else.

3. Write A Letter To Santa

The idea of Santa isn’t only for children.  This year has been hard on all of us. If you have something to get off your chest, writing a letter to Santa might just do the trick.

Put pen to paper and get those stresses off your chest or wants manifested into the world.  This might not literally fulfill those desires, but it will clear your head and freeing up that mental bandwidth is where the magic happens.

This year has reinforced the value of life and family in the truest sense. Take this opportunity to thank your loved ones for their support and express your gratitude, making your holidays memorable and more fun.