What is energy healing, and what are the fundamental energy bodies that make up this branch? To those unfamiliar with alternative medicine, energy healing is thought of as a made-up concept by modern mystics/shamans/healers. But it is not – it is an internal movement, a simple recognition, and inherent wisdom that each one of us carries. 

Energy healing is a pillar of channeled, transmitted, activated, or cultivated healing energy, either from one person to another or directly transferred from a higher frequency source/figure to a human. Modalities such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Biofield Tuning, Pranic Healing, QiGong, and many more are a few vehicles of energy healing.

At the basic level, the energy bodies are:

• Spiritual body (feminine energy) – The spiritual body is one without “identity” – it is incapable of being classified as “something” definite because it is infinite. It is the source of interconnectivity with the Universe/God/Love/Higher Self. When the spiritual body is denied/neglected, it shows through unbalances and disconnection within the other bodies.  

• Mental body (masculine energy) – This is the body where all critical information is processed. The mental body is a medium where ideas/visions/dreams are structured to formulate goals and intentions. 

The mental body is crucial for critical thinking, common sense, direction, and conscious analysis. If this body is out of whack, one is susceptible to brain fog, confusion, lethargy, etc. 

• Emotional body (feminine energy) – The emotional body consists of all feelings (energy in motion) – repressed, chosen, or woven within one’s field subconsciously or consciously. When the emotional body is unbalanced, one is bound and driven by their emotions rather than empowered to navigate the highest path(Spirit) despite emotional turmoil. 

• Physical body (masculine energy) – The majority of humans operate from this body. We are Spirit with human suits made of the universal life force energy. When balanced, the body feels open, flexible, and vibrant. When unbalanced, the body feels rigid and is more susceptible to disease. If the body is in discomfort/dis-ease, it implies a disruption in the other energy bodies – starting from the disconnect from the spiritual body.

The universal life force energy that we are of is the same energy that facilitates healing. When you are in sync with Spirit, your inner wisdom, and divine instincts, all bodies naturally sync up to heal and dispel that which is not in coherence with your highest self – thus, the very source of energy healing is yourself