Coffee pods are changing the way people drink coffee around the world. It is gradually becoming a staple in the life of many people as it is convenient to drink it. Also, whichever coffee pod shop for you, you will always get tons of variety to choose from amongst them.

When you brew a cup of joe using coffee pods, you make an efficient cup at home. Also, it is fresh, aromatic, and you get to enjoy it in peace which you do not get at a cafe.

However, some people are new to coffee pods. Generally, they have questions! Questions about what is a coffee pod? Which are the best brands, and how to choose an ideal coffee pod for oneself.

Let us tackle these questions one by one

What are coffee pods?

Coffee pods are biodegradable or disposable container which consists ground coffee. Most of the time, the shape of the pod is similar to a capsule. Most people assume they are equivalent to tea bags. 

Evey coffee pod contains only 5.5g of coffee, which makes a perfect cup and no more. The size does differ, but every size makes one cup of coffee. The preservation technique in coffee pods ensures it stays fresh and aromatic until it’s time to use them.

There are many brands manufacturing coffee pods. When you buy one, you need to ensure that they are compatible with the machine you have.

How to choose a suitable coffee pod?

 Tip 1: Compatibility with the machine

There are a few pod coffee machines that can help you brew coffee using pods. The first tip when buying coffee pods thus revolves around the machine. Before you get coffee pods from any brand, make sure that it is compatible with your machine. 

Not every machine is compatible with every coffee pod available in the market. Thus, determining this is the first step towards buying one.

Tip 2: Ensure that the seal is not broken

When buying a coffee pod or getting it delivered, it’s essential to check for the seal. Make sure that there is not even a single hole in the coffee pod. If it is there, it will tarnish the taste and texture of the coffee. Due to the hole, your coffee can lose its taste or aroma and degrade it entirely.

Tip 3: Ask about their handling time and process

Everyone knows that the flavor of coffee spoils if exposed to moisture or oxygen. Thus, when buying coffee pods, certify that the roasting, pounding, and packaging happens in one place. If it goes to a different place for pounding or packaging, it can lose its flavor and taste due to exposure.

Tip 4: Know about the variety of coffee

There are four types of coffee plants, but only two are popular- robusta and arabica. The Arabica coffee beans are sweeter, while Robusta is extremely bitter. There are much more differences and when buying any coffee, knowing about them is essential. 

Some brands mix the two plants, while some use only one to make their coffee pods.

Tip 5: Try different flavors and intensity

There are many flavored coffee pods available in the market. Make sure you buy one which suits your preference and taste. Also, there are two types of intensity of coffee pods available in the market, high and medium. Choose the one according to your taste.

Why you should buy coffee pods?

Coffee pods are an incredible find. Here are a few reasons why you should buy them.

  1. No skills needed

When you brew coffee using pods, you do not need additional skills. There are no barista like-skills needed. All you need is a machine and coffee pod, and your cup of java is ready.

  1. No need for additional pieces of equipment

When you use other brewing methods, you need a measuring scale and a grinder to ensure the perfect cup. However, when you use a coffee pod, you eliminate the need for everything else. 

  1. Less waste

There is no residue of coffee or other waste when you use coffee pods. Also, they are biodegradable, making them better for the environment.

Before trying anything new, understanding them is essential. Hopefully, the above information will help you make an informed choice. Keep enjoying coffee, one pod at a time.