Deciding between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding can be stressful, especially for new moms. While breastfeeding is recommended by most doctors for the best possible nutrition for your baby, a good formula like S26 newborn formula is a great alternative or supplement for those moms who can’t or choose not to breastfeed for whatever reasons they might have.

The choice between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding is extremely personal, and should be discussed by you and your doctor – you shouldn’t be concerned about the opinions of others who don’t know your circumstances. Here are some situations in which you would likely want to/need to consider bottle-feeding.

HIV or Other Infections

Unfortunately, infections like the human immunodeficiency virus (and others like tuberculosis) can be passed on to your baby through your breastmilk. This means that breastfeeding your baby poses a serious risk to them and should be avoided. Discussing issues like this with your doctor is the most important step to take. 


While most pharmaceutical drugs are safe to take while breastfeeding, you should check in with your doctor to make sure, just in case. If you’re on any chronic medication, or regularly use supplements, herbal teas, vitamins or other prescription meds, you’ll want to let your doctor know what you’re taking and if it’s safe to continue to do so while breastfeeding. Your doctor might recommend that you either refrain from using the drugs while lactating, or they might suggest that you opt for the bottle-feeding method instead. 


Believe it or not, you can smoke while breastfeeding a baby (though it’s obviously not recommended), however, smoking close to feeding times is a no-no. It’s recommended that you wait at least 90 minutes after a cigarette before feeding your baby in order to reduce the amount of nicotine and chemicals that might be in your milk and passed on to your little one.

A better and safer idea would be to switch to bottle-feeding if you are not able to quit smoking. 

Breast Reduction Surgery

If you’ve had surgery on your breasts before, there’s a large chance that you’ll have trouble with your milk supply. Many moms in this situation aren’t able to breastfeed at all and have to opt for bottle-feeding instead. However, you might be able to nurse with the supply you do have, and supplement the rest with a formula. Either option is A-okay as long as you and your baby are happy.

You Simply Don’t Want To

Some moms don’t want to breastfeed – and that’s okay! They might have had a bad breastfeeding experience with a previous child and don’t feel up to going through it again. They might have a mom or a sister who wasn’t able to breastfeed and worry that they’ll face the same issues.

Whatever the reason, your choice is valid and you shouldn’t feel any guilt about bottle-feeding your baby. Raising a healthy, happy baby can be done in many different ways, and it’s important that you follow your heart so that both you and your little one are content.