Beating the bookie is what every bettor wants. It’s always exciting to login and find massive wins in your account. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Beating a bookmaker is not always easy, especially if you are new to the industry. Lucky for you, we’ll offer some help. We’ll highlight the top five tricks you can use to make sure that all your bets are surebets.

Follow betting tips

This is by far the best trick. Bookies are hard to beat, but with the help of experienced bettors, things might just turn around. Betting tips have become more popular nowadays. You’ll find plenty of advice online, but not all are reliable. To be safe, follow the most recent tips and, if you’re going to be betting online, you may wish to check out the top 10 sportsbooks so that you can be sure you choose a good, reputable site to bet on. Older tips may no longer be useful since the betting industry is continuously evolving.

One of the most popular tipster sites is Tipstrr. These guys cover all popular sports and events. Besides, their tips are quality and useful, giving them an edge in the industry. Besides Tipstrr, you can find betting tips on platforms like Betting Expert and Betting Gods.

Go for valuable markets and odds

Arguably, it’s human nature to always go where there is maximum value, especially where money is involved. However, it’s quite surprising that some bettors don’t make the same move when betting. To beat the bookmaker, you have to think differently. Don’t just open your betting app and place bets on some old markets. Instead, find and take advantage of valuable markets with better odds. You can use line shopping to find the highest possible odds in a market.

With the right tool, you can also find overpriced odds that can offer an edge against bookies and statistical probability as well. This so-called value bets finder software is capable to define the true chance of the outcome by simply aggregating odds from the most accurate bookies and comparing that price to slow bookie odds. Each significant discrepancy is displayed as a value betting opportunity.

Do not follow the crowd blindly 

Following whatever other gamblers do without knowing exactly what’s involved is risky. In fact, you can lose in more than one way, thus affecting your overall profit. You don’t want that, and neither do we. Most bettors base their decisions on instincts. However, this won’t help you beat the bookies. 

Do personal research and make decisions based on facts. At least that way, you’ll know nobody misled you. But again, be careful on where you get the information. Some cites aren’t reliable. The best place to find facts is on our recommended tipster sites.

Bet online

Instead of in-store betting, consider going the online way. Wondering how this helps you beat the dealer? First, online betting sites present better odds with a wider coverage of betting markets. Secondly, it’s extremely easy to place online bets and from anywhere. Finally, online betting platforms offer various rewards to motivate you as you bet. 

Don’t place bets based on your favorite team

Not so much of a trick, but it’s great advice to a friend. Do not place bets in favor of your favorite team if at all you want to beat the bookmaker. Often, you’ll have emotional ties when your favorite team is involved. That’s why you should research on the best teams.

Final words

With these tricks, you can beat the bookmakers at their own game. However, there are other strategies to use.