At some point or another, everyone has to confront the key signs of aging. It is simply a natural part of getting older. However, those who find themselves starting to show those signs rather prematurely might find themselves wishing for ways of reversing or at least slowing down the process.

Some things, like graying hair, can be easily addressed and aren’t really contributing to the fact that you are starting to look older than you are. However, there are three things that might be at the heart of your aging appearance.

While there is no overnight fix or magic wand that can be used to completely eliminate the signs of aging (even if they are setting in early making you appear older than you actually are), there are a number of things that you can do in order to combat the key signs of aging. Some involve working a new step into your daily beauty routine while others might mean making a slight lifestyle change. 

If you are looking to address the fact that you are starting to appear older than you really are, here are the three things that are likely causing you to feel this way and a few tips on how to address them.

1. Wrinkles

One of the classic signs of aging is wrinkles. Unfortunately, wrinkles can start to develop for a number of reasons that aren’t related to age. For instance, if you smoke, are under a great deal of stress for some time, or are getting too much unprotected sun exposure, you can develop wrinkles fairly early on in life.

The first thing that you should do if you are developing wrinkles is to address things like sun exposure, stress, and smoking. There are also certain treatments and devices that can help reverse the severity of smile wrinkles and the like. Hydration of the skin is also an important step in stopping the onset of wrinkles.

2. Dullness of Skin

One of the signs of aging that can really creep up on you is that of dullness of the skin. When the overall color of your skin becomes less bright and dull, it can really age your appearance.

In order to combat this sign of aging, make sure that you aren’t using hot water to wash your face. You should also incorporate an exfoliating treatment into your weekly skin care routine so that you can promote healthy skin cell development.

3. Under-Eye Puffiness

The quality and condition of the skin under your eyes can also make you appear much older than you really are. If the area under your eyes has begun to appear puffy and you have developed dark circles you can take steps to correct this as well.

There are a number of treatments that can help to reduce under-eye puffiness, but your best approach is to use a daily under-eye cream both in the morning and at night to provide additional hydration to this area.