Spending quality family time together is important. It helps to create memories as well bring the family closer together. As your children grow older, they get busier. This means they will be less likely to partake in family activities. It is important to make the most out of your time as a family while they still have some flexibility in their schedule. 

But what do you do when you do get the time to spend together? It can often be difficult coming up with new and exciting ideas. Not to mention that boring or repeated family activities can make children unenthusiastic about future plans. If you want to make the most out of weekly family activities, you may want to consider some of the following suggestions. 

Watch a Movie 

Everyone loves sitting down and enjoying a really good movie. It’s relaxing, enjoyable, and can lead to a lot of laughs depending on the movie. These are just some of the reasons it’s one of the best things to do online. This could be a good thing to do as a family on a frequent basis. You can make popcorn or other snacks and really make an occasion out of it. Another good way to keep family members interested is to take turns picking movies. This way, people will all get a chance to watch a movie they’ll enjoy. It also gives your movie nights more of a variety. You can even make it a sort of competition. Family members can collectively score the movies out of 10, with the highest score winning at the end of a round. This also encourages people to choose good quality movies that everyone will enjoy. 

Go Hiking 

Hiking is a hobby that isn’t overly common. It’s hard to see why, however. Hiking is an excellent experience and nothing really compares to it’s unique pleasures. It’s a wonderful opportunity to maintain and promote fitness, also. Depending on the age of your kids, you may have to wait a few years before making it a regular thing. This is an activity that would be slightly more fitting for older kids and teenagers. 

Play Sports 

Plenty of kids love sports. With such a large variety to choose from, it’s easy to see why. All offer such different and unique opportunities, it would be hard not to find a sport you enjoy doing out of all your options. Getting your kids involved in sports is a really good idea. Not only does it promote fitness, but it’s also a great hobby as well as social opportunity. You can try out different sports on a weekly basis with your children. This way, they can get a taste of various sports and decide which ones they enjoy the most. 

Ride Bikes 

A good bike ride is great for clearing the mind, which means that parents get just as much benefit out of it as kids do. It’s great for fitness, exploring local areas, and is a positive outdoor activity. Riding a bike is also a very good skill for children to learn. It can offer a legitimate form of transport as they grow older.