If you have always wanted to communicate with your pet on a deeper level, you can! Now that there is enhanced technology that allows for two-way communication between pups and owners, you can have a deeper understanding of your puppy’s needs and wants. 

What are dog talking buttons?

First off, you might be confused – what are dog talking buttons? How do dogs use them? Why are they useful? There are many things to take into consideration before you decide it is a good idea to train your pup on how to communicate with you on a deeper level. Let’s see the basics first.

Dog talking buttons is a method that can be used by canines to communicate with you more in-depth thoughts on complicated processes than just barking and whining at certain words that you say. Along with knowing what “sit” and “walk” means, your dog can have two-way communication with their owners to say what they need, what they are looking for, and what they enjoy.

But how did they come about? Christina Hunger, a speech pathologist, created the dog talking buttons to help communicate with her own pup! Instead of just creating a product for someone else to use, she decided to create it and test it out on her own dog first. By using adaptive speech technologies, she began to train her dog to communicate with her. 

The speech technologies, which were the dog talking buttons that had words, actions, and ideas pre-programmed on them, helped the dog talk with Christina more efficiently than barking or whining. By teaching easy phrases, like sit, eat, walk, and play on the buttons, Christina was able to figure out her dog’s real-time needs and thoughts. 

What are the benefits of using dog talking buttons?

Dog talking buttons provide owners and dogs with the ability to have a more two-way communication strategy instead of just a one-way method. Instead of dogs barking and trying to get their point across by non-verbal cues, dogs can now use dog talking buttons to clearly say what they want. If they are hungry, they can press the eat or food button, and you’ll know they want some healthy dog food. If they want to go for a walk, they can press the walk button.

This way, owners do not have to continue guessing what their dog needs – oftentimes, this leads to the owner guessing wrong and the dog getting frustrated. Avoid frustration and missed opportunities by using dog talking buttons to allow for a deeper and clearer communication path with your canine. 

By taking the time to practice the talking buttons and teach your pup how to use the dog talking buttons, you can develop a deeper relationship with your dog, establish rapport, and create a better line of communication between you and your pet. 

Use Woof Meow Hello to learn more about dog talking buttons

Woof Meow Hello can help owners figure out how to train their dogs and teach them their first three words using dog talking buttons! Instead of guessing where to start or what words or commands to use with your first dog talking buttons, this website provides resources and guidance as to why the first three words should be for your dog.

Since dog talking buttons are becoming especially popular among new dog owners and their beloved canines, it is helpful for dog owners to figure out how to create a loving household by establishing a deeper connection with their animals. Learn as an owner how you can take the time to teach your pet how to use dog talking buttons and the proper way to use them to communicate their needs.


One of the first words and commands that should be used with dog talking buttons as a new learner is the word “outside”. Not only is outside one of the most common things that dogs typically ask for, whether for a walk or to go to the bathroom, but this button will also be one of the most frequently pressed during the learning process.

Outside should be the first word you teach your dog using dog talking buttons since your pup will directly relate this pressing of the button to go to the bathroom or go for a walk. Once the dog understands what occurs when they press the button, they will then associate the button concept with getting what they want by being patient.

Instead of endlessly barking, dogs will now understand that to get what they want and convey their needs to their owner, they will have to step on this button. Here are a few tips for teaching your dog how to use the “outside” button:

  • At the beginning of the teaching process with this first dog talking button, the owner should press the outside button every time they mention taking the dog outside for a walk or going to the bathroom. By associating the pressing of the button with the action of being outside, the dog will see that pressing the button leads to them going outside. Repeatedly say the word outside while you press the button to show the correlation to your pup. 
  • You can also use the button to ask a question about being outside. Ask the dog if they want to go outside or if they need to go outside to go to the toilet and press the button after you ask the question. Ask them verbally if they want to go outside and continue pressing the button before they exit the door. 
  • Once the dog seems to understand the relationship between pressing the button and going outside, refrain from pressing the button. Ask about going outside and see if your pup presses the button themselves. You might have to point at the button, put the button in front of their paw, or place their paw on the button to show the dog the process of asking to go outside using the dog talking button.
  • Make sure during this first learning process that you do not get frustrated. Dogs have never used buttons to talk, so it can be confusing and time-consuming to teach them how to use dog talking buttons for the first few words. 

All done

The second word that you should use when teaching your dog how to use dog talking buttons is the phrase “all done”. All done refers to being done outside, whether for a walk or going to the bathroom, and wanting to be let back inside. This is a good choice for the second button for your dog, as it can introduce them to the concept that different buttons relate to different activities. Pressing a button doesn’t necessarily mean going outside, but pressing specific buttons correspond to specific actions. 

  • You can help your dog understand how to use the “al done” button by pressing outside and then pressing the “all done” button every time your pup is done being outside. That shows that they come back inside after being done with their job outside signals they are all done with going to the bathroom, playing, or going for a walk. 
  • Make sure you teach your dog the difference between pressing the outside button and the all-done button at this stage. Encourage your pup to press the outside button before going outside, and motion to the all done button when they come back inside. 


The third and final word that you should teach your pup when it comes to using dog talking buttons for their first three words is “play”. This is one of the most common things that dogs ask for daily, so it is helpful to use this as one of the first words to teach your pup. 

Every time that you and your dog play together inside, press the play button. Eventually, your dog will understand the concept of playing with you or by themselves is coordinated with the use of the play button. After you have done this for a few days or a week, change your tactic so your dog can use the button themselves.

At this point, ask the dog if they want to play before pressing the play button. Once your dog understands you are about to play, press the play button. Eventually, your dog will understand that when they want to play, they will have to press the play button. When playtime is over with your dog, press the play button followed by the all done button. 

  • This shows the dog that using the all done button is a concept that refers to the ending of something. Instead of using the all done button as its own phrase, the dog will understand you can use the all done button in tandem with going outside or playing. 


The bonus work that you can try and teach your dog when using the first few words with dog talking buttons is water! Water is crucial for you to teach your dog since a thirsty dog is an unhealthy dog. To teach your dog, press the water button every time you fill the dog’s water bowl and when they drink the water. Eventually, your dog will press the water button when their water bowl is empty. 


Teaching your dog how to use dog talking buttons is a time-consuming process – but it can be very rewarding in the end game. Use online resources to help learn what words to teach your dog, the steps to teach your dog how to use the buttons, and how to stay patient while teaching your pup their first few words!