Buying clothes for kids can be challenging. Children grow pretty fast and often get dirty when they eat or play. Plus, kids’ clothing can be costly, although it’s possible to find affordable options depending on where you shop.

If you are a new mom or a future mom, it’s very likely that no one ever taught you how to shop for kids’ clothes. You may have a lot of questions as you embark on a shopping trip. If your kids are now old enough, they may have strong opinions about the clothes you buy for them. As a mom, how can you make sure your children will like the clothes and wear them?

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Check out these best tips on how to shop for kids’ clothes as a mom:

Shopping options

You can shop for kids’ clothes at the shopping mall, in a boutique, or online. Each option has its pros and cons. Going to the shopping mall is the best option if you want to take a close look at the clothes available, touch them, and assess their quality. Large shopping malls like Newmarket Plaza will have various children’s clothing stores, department stores, and thrift stores.

Shopping online is perfect if you have a busy schedule and like shopping from the comfort of your home. When you shop online, you have access to more models, sizes, and colours than if you visit a store. However, you won’t be able to take a close look at the clothes or touch them and assess their quality. Also, your kids won’t be able to try them to make sure they fit.

Buy clothes made from quality fabrics

Kids like to play, crawl, run, and jump, so they need clothes that can withstand their active lives. Be sure to choose clothes made from thick and durable fabric. Avoid the ones that seem transparent if you hold them to the light. Remember that just because an item comes with a high price tag doesn’t mean the fabric is of good quality. Inspect closely and use your best judgment.

You should choose clothes made from a soft, comfortable and breathable fabric. Babies and toddlers have sensitive skin and shouldn’t wear rough or itchy clothing. As for older kids, they will refuse to wear something if they’re not comfortable in it.

Of course, it can be challenging to assess the softness of clothes if you are shopping online instead of going to the mall. However, you should be fine if you buy clothes made from cotton or fleece.

Choose the right size and colours

Kids always seem to be growing, and it’s important to choose the right size when buying clothes for them. In fact, you might want to buy clothes in a slightly larger size if you expect your kids to grow soon. If you are shopping for your baby or toddler, more oversized garments are ideal for longevity.

Children’s sizes usually correspond to the age of a child. If your son or daughter is five years old, for example, a size five should fit them.

If you hesitate between a white shirt or a red one, you probably should take the red one. Dark or bright colours are often better since they won’t show stains as much as white or pastel clothes.

Check the seams and buttons

Good kids’ clothes should have quality seams and stitches. If you notice loose stitches or seams that are not well finished, don’t buy this item as it’s simply not made to last.

If an item has loose buttons but solid stitches, you can still buy it. However, make sure you take a moment to secure those buttons. You wouldn’t want them to turn into a choking hazard for your kids.

Buy clothes that your kids will like

Any clothes will be useless if your kids don’t want to wear them. Make sure you choose clothes that they will like and be happy to wear.

If your kid is old enough to have a favourite colour, this is a good starting point. Consider their interests and favourite cartoon characters. For example, a dress with cute kitten prints could be perfect for a young girl who loves animals. If your kid is old enough to come to the store with you, take them shopping. You will be sure to choose pieces that please them.

Take precautions if you are shopping for a baby

Finally, if you are shopping for your baby or toddler, take a few extra precautions. Avoid details or decorations that could irritate their delicate skin, and above all, avoid any item with strings or fringes. Remember to buy clothes that are easy to take on and off, since dressing up a squirming toddler can be difficult.