On our last vacation, we wanted to check out a number of different cenotes. Cenote Jaguar sounded good since it is reasonably priced ($10USD) and has a zipline.

Cenote Jaguar is easy to find. We rented a car from Avant Car Rental and used Google Maps to get there, and had no problems.

Since Cenote Jaguar is part of the Dos Ojos Cenotes grounds, there are plenty of signs, and you can easily spot the entrance on Highway 307.

Once pulling in the main entrance, we stopped at the Information building and paid for our tickets.

After paying, we headed up a gravel road and showed our ticket at the gate.

It is maybe a 5 minute drive from the main highway up to the cenote, and the road is full of potholes, so it is slow going.

Fortunately, the road is marked well, so we knew we were going the right way.

There was a decent size parking lot.

Jaguar Cenote is not far from the parking lot.

The cenote has its own facilities, including bathrooms and changing rooms.

There is also a shower, which is required before entering the cenote. This is the policy at most cenotes, and helps reduce the amount of pollutants like bug spray, sunscreen, etc. from entering the water. Don’t bother putting on sunscreen before arriving, as you will have to wash it off.

Before going swimming, the kids went on the zipline. You get two passes on the zipline with the entrance fee.

The odd thing is that the zipline crosses the path where you walk along the top of the cenote. At one point people were yelling at a woman who was in the way and almost had to shove her out of the way. It would be good if they marked the spot where the zipline comes in. It seems like it would be easy to notice someone coming in on the zipline, but it was very busy there and the zipline comes in fast, so why not have the path be a little safer.

We arrived around 3pm, and the cenote closes at 5pm. I was surprised that people kept arriving, and the place was very busy. There were crowds of people everywhere, and there was nowhere to sit, plus people were sitting around on the stairs into the water, making it difficult to get in and out of the water. My teens are great swimmers and were getting frustrated because it was a wall of people by the stairs, and there was no way to get out of the water. Another issue was that the kids wanted to jump in the water from the platforms, and there was so many people in the water, and they weren’t paying attention, so we had to keep waiting until there was space to jump in.

I would probably recommend getting to this cenote early in the day if you plan on going. This was not our favorite, as there was not much to explore, and no rope swing.

What to bring: a towel, camera, snorkel if desired, water and snacks. No sunscreen allowed so bring a rash guard as well if you want sun protection. FYI – you have to pay extra for a drone.

Pros: bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, zipline, jumping platforms

Cons: very crowded, no rope swing, zipline goes right across walking path

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