Dogs are sensitive animals, and sometimes, minimal changes in their surroundings might trigger their anxiety. While it is one thing to be alert, the constant triggers can result in added stress and anxiety in your dogs, which could turn into severe behavioral issues if not addressed promptly. 

Although much has been said about the perks of CBD for dogs with anxiety, there is still some confusion about the right CBD dosage for dogs and the right product to use. This article will address all such concerns and more. 

How Do You Know If Your Dog Has Anxiety?

If your dog is suffering from stress or anxiety, it will display some symptoms. It might snap even at familiar people and refuse to go for walks or regular exercises. The dog might refuse food and have trouble falling asleep. 

It might defecate and urinate more than usual or not at all, and even though potty-trained, it could answer nature’s call inside the house. Sometimes, your dog might even start barking at small noises or refuse to come out from under the bed or sofa. 

In such cases, try to evaluate if there have been any changes in your dog’s surroundings in recent times. 

Have you changed home, and has the dog been removed from his familiar surroundings? Are there some constant disturbances around the house, like construction work or fireworks going off too often? These could all act as triggers, and removing them is the first step towards controlling your dog’s Anxiety. 

Can CBD Be the Right Choice?

Before you go about trying to find the right CBD product for your pet’s anxiety issues, ascertain if the dog needs it in the first place. Your dog could be displaying some hyperactivity or playfulness or could have retreated to a shell for any number of reasons. 

Suppose you notice any behavioral changes in your dog, like aggression or anxiety. In that case, you should also visit a vet to find out that there is no underlying physical ailment resulting in your dog’s discomfort. If the cause is physical pain or stress, you may ask the doctor if CBD can be administered to your pet and the right dosage. 

What is the Right Dosage of CBD for Your Dog?

There is a great degree of confusion regarding the correct CBD dosage for your dog. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind. The height, weight, and age of the dog are important determinants. 

Next comes the degree of anxiety it is suffering from. The brand of CBD oil you are going to use and its potency will also impact its effectiveness. 

One common rule is to calculate 0.2 mg of CBD for every pound of body weight. Hence, if your dog is 25 pounds, you should administer 5 mg of CBD.

Next, depending on which CBD oil brand, check how many grams of CBD are present in each milliliter of oil. You can read the label for that. Then calculate the milliliter in a dropper and give it to your dog. 

If you are giving CBD to your dog in the form of treats or edibles, make sure you choose a brand that comes with instructions about the quantity of CBD in each treat. 

Moreover, if your dog is on any other medication with pain-relieving or anti-stress properties, you should also consider that before deciding on the dosage. 

CBD dosage for dogs can be difficult to ascertain at first. If you do not get the desired outcome after administering the standard dose of CBD, you might increase the dosage slowly; one mg at a time. 

When you finally start seeing results, stick to the dosage and check if your dog is gradually going back to its former self and whether the signs of anxiety are now under control.