Not everyone gets to enjoy the best childhood they can; violence and neglect are an unfortunate norm in many children’s lives, leaving a lasting scar in their psyche in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Avenues like The Human Condition are working towards helping such children escape the clutches of their psychological issues.

It’s a well-known fact that children are like sponges when it comes to absorbing everything around them. Their experiences shape their psyche, turning them into the people they will eventually become. It is, thus, vital that they get the best environment to develop, both inside and outside of the home. When that is not the case, they will start to suffer from the negativity surrounding them instead. Doing so will give rise to excess stress and mental trauma.

Such mental scarring can turn them into recluses, or worse, anti-social elements. It is, therefore, important that their PTSD gets addressed as soon as possible. The greater the delay, the greater the damage their minds undergo. It’s easier to heal them when their minds are still young and have excellent plasticity.

Letting the Sunshine into Minds 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment is a very delicate process that requires tenacity on the part of everyone involved. Children’s fickle nature, the lack of their mental state’s awareness, and the reasons for it make treatment a challenge. Mental health portals like The Human Condition are working towards providing newer, more effective resources to help children and their families. They can support the methods already in existence.


Therapy via talk is the go-to method of mental health professionals everywhere to help patients with PTSD. Getting the child to talk about the things required for the process can be tricky. It is why such sessions get conducted in the presence of people the child feels most comfortable with.

The talk isn’t limited to the child. The child’s family also gets questioned to understand the possible roots of the problem. It might even be the only way in cases where the child has withdrawn completely due to the trauma.

This treatment helps identify the root cause of the issue and bring all latent feelings out. It helps discover the feelings of fear and anxiety plaguing the child. The therapist will also devise procedures to help deal with those feelings productively.


Medications are used either in combination with psychotherapy or exclusively. They usually are prescribed when the condition is too severe to be dealt with otherwise.

The medications can mitigate the severity of the conditions, bringing the child to a calmer state. They can then work on the coping strategies learned in therapy.

Constant Vigilance and Support

The child must be monitored for signs of PTSD constantly during their therapy period. They must receive the necessary support from their loved ones to help with the healing process. The sessions must continue until recommended to stop.

Raising a child is no small feat. And it is that much harder to raise one with PTSD issues. Giving the support the child needs, like the ones presented in mental health portals such as The Human Condition, is the need of hour for every such child.