Giving your child the best start possible should be the goal for every parent. However, it is not always easy to do, and the cost can sometimes be expensive. Most parents are left questioning, how worth it is it?

For example, music lessons are great for teaching your child lessons about life that extend far beyond the cello or guitar. There are real benefits to having a music teacher, but sometimes they hide behind a hefty price tag.

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If you, or someone you know, is struggling with a similar debate of whether music lessons are worth it, this blog entry is for you. Here are three reasons why paying for a music teacher for your child is well worth the money.


Learning a new instrument is hard. For example, playing some stringed instruments requires a build-up of calluses on the fingertips. Sometimes, the process of getting them can be painful.

A music teacher is aware of the difficulty required to learn a new instrument. In other words, it means that they are very aware of how far to push your child without pushing too hard.

Sometimes this act of pushing allows for personal growth and can reveal to your child an inner strength they didn’t know they had. This act of learning discipline and perseverance is an invaluable lesson that many fail to realize into adulthood.

Time Management

The act of following a routine is perfect for teaching your child time management. One way to make the process fun is to get the child involved with the preparation process.

For example, set a routine for your child to gather their music equipment at a specific time before each lesson. Doing this can help them to prioritize tasks and pick ones that help them to achieve their goal. Which in this scenario is making it to practice on time.

There will be moments when your child doesn’t want to stop playing and become forced to make a hard decision. Do they keep playing or go to practice?

Unfortunately, this is a question that is inescapable even in adulthood. Learning from it now, at an early age, can be extremely helpful in helping to accomplish goals in the future.

Art Appreciation

Music is art. While this statement shouldn’t be surprising, sometimes it’s easy to lose appreciation for something we get all the time.

Music lessons are a great way to teach an appreciation for art, not just music. There is something transcendent while looking at a painting and understanding what an artist’s true intention was.

Art appreciation extends far beyond music, and you may even see your child beginning to see or hear art everywhere. According to the New York Times, some parents find it beneficial to join their child in learning a new instrument.

Also, becoming involved with your child’s music lessons is a great way to bond with them. In the middle of crazy school, work, and social schedules some parents may find it hard to connect with their children. Music lessons are an easy way to do that, at least when not forced into them.

The Take-Away

There are plenty of benefits to paying for music lessons for your child. However, it is first important to make sure they are excited about the instrument they are playing.

A common mistake parents make is living vicariously through their children. For example, a father who always wanted to play the piano might force it onto their child without considering their wants.

Remember, the more engaged your child is, the more they will learn. Sometimes, that does not only mean music. Learning a new instrument can teach discipline, time management, and, most importantly, art appreciation.

The takeaway is this. While music lessons can sometimes be pricey, they are well worth it in the end. The lessons taught by music teachers extend far beyond the classroom and are beneficial to both parent and child.

An appreciation for art, discipline, and time management are invaluable skills for all ages. Learning something new is never a bad idea and it should be encouraged.