The past year and a half has seen many of us put a hold on moving house. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has seen us confined to our own properties and moving house has been relatively risky business, always potentially falling through due to people contracting the virus or needing to isolate. Now that vaccines are being rolled out around the world, and things are slowly getting back to normal, many of us are turning our minds towards moving again. If you’re considering a move, here are some key areas to focus on to help yourself find the perfect space for your family to live in.

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Why Move?

Before moving home with children, it’s always best to ask yourself why you’re moving. Shifting kids from one property to another can be hard work and can be disruptful for them. So, you want to make sure that the decision is fuelled by logical reasons. Will moving somewhere else be safer for them? Will it provide them with better schooling options? Will it get them closer to family, friends and other sources of support? Will it ensure that they each have their own bedroom rather than sharing? If possible, only move for good reasons.

Set a Budget

If you’re set on moving, it’s time to create a budget. This will determine what properties you can start looking at in your house hunting journey. Creating a budget is simple. There are plenty of tools and free online calculators out there that can help you to determine how much of your monthly income you can contribute towards mortgage or rent payments. Mortgage Brokers can also make suggestions. Only look within your budget. Living beyond your means can see you slowly sink into debt, which can be really difficult to get out of when you have kids to care for.

Consider What You’re Looking For

Once you have your budget, you need to ask yourself some key questions that will help you and your estate agent to find the perfect property for you and your family’s needs. This will help to save time too, as you won’t waste any time viewing properties that simply aren’t suitable.The kind of questions that you should be asking yourself when house hunting include:

  • Will you be buying or renting?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much council tax can you afford on top of rent or mortgage payments?
  • Do you want to live close to your place of work?
  • Are there good schools for the children in the area?
  • Are there amenities for kids such as local parks and kids clubs?
  • Do you need somewhere with good public transport links?
  • Do you need somewhere with good road links?
  • Are there basics such as supermarkets nearby?
  • Is the area safe?
  • What is the crime rate?
  • Are there busy roads?
  • How many bedrooms does your family need?
  • How many bathrooms does your family need?
  • Do you need a garden or front garden?
  • Do you need a garage or a driveway?

Asking yourself all of these questions and more will really help to whittle down your search and help you find the best place to suit all of your family’s needs and requirements.

Of course, there are countless other factors and areas of focus to take into consideration when searching for a property that suits you down to a tee. But the information above should help you to deal with some of the basics!