If you are a weight watcher, you need to think beyond counting pounds and inches. The number of calories you consume every day is equally crucial. They affect weight gain, and cutting a few hundred calories daily can help you shed a pound or two every week. Keeping track of calorie count is easy these days as you have several apps to help. But cutting it down is challenging because you have to struggle with temptations and avoid going wrong with your dietary choices. Here are some actionable ideas that can help.

Switch to healthy snacks

Snacks are the biggest calorie culprit because unhealthy ones tend to sneak into your daily count. Skipping the extras is doable, and you only need to switch to the healthiest snacking options for achieving the goal. Keep stuff like fresh fruits and veggies at hand so that you can skip the cookies and chips when hunger strikes. Popcorn makes an excellent anytime snack if you want to steer clear of extra calories. 

Choose the right drinks

Apart from picking the right snacks, you must also choose the right drinks. Don’t be surprised to know that even regular soda can add about 150 calories to your daily count. Colas and flavored latte are even worse. The healthy-looking fruit smoothies aren’t great if you are counting your numbers. Opt for sparkling water, unsweetened tea, or black coffee instead.

Be wise with your desserts

Ditching calories isn’t easy if you have a sweet tooth, but you can get wise with your desserts to find a middle path. Fresh fruit salads make an ideal substitute for cakes and ice-creams. Try flavored yogurt to trim the extra from your daily count. If you crave baked delights, try cooking at home and use baking sweetener instead of sugar. It tastes just like sugar but does not leave you stressed about your calorie count. You can even try recipes that do not require cream and fat to churn up delicious desserts. 

Avoid seconds

Second helpings have the worst impact on your diet as they always add up to unwanted calories. Imagine filling up your plate repeatedly when you have your favorites on the table, even when you aren’t hungry. Avoid the temptation, and you can lower the count to a significant extent. If you want a second, choose the healthiest options around, such as a salad or a fruit. 

Eat-in a small plate

Surprisingly, the size of your plate determines the number of calories you consume every day. Eat on a smaller plate, and you will end up feeling full sooner than you imagine. Skip the second helping, and your calories, inches, and pounds will come down within weeks. Avoid eating from a bag while watching TV or talking on the phone because you may end up munching more than you intend to.

Lowering your daily calorie count requires you to be a picky eater. Choose your snacks and meals carefully, avoid in-between eating, and drink lots of water. Small changes in your lifestyle and diet can take you a long way.