Windows computers are exceptional machines that work great for both home and business use. However, the simple desktop setup doesn’t work for everyone. If you are looking to customize your windows experience, read more to learn how to change your computer to fit your unique preferences. 

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1. Install Toolbars

Programs such as OneLaunch provides the user with a home screen toolbar. These customizable apps include your most used programs, files, news, and weather displayed in one spot. This setup puts everything you want right on your desktop for easy access. You no longer have to go to separate web pages or search through files to find what you want most. Since you choose everything you want to display in this bar, it is complete customization at its best. 

2. Change the Theme

If you aren’t looking to download anything new to your computer, you can still change the appearance of the home page. Windows comes installed with many different themes which change the appearance of the application. Changing the theme switches up the background and color scheme for your computer. The designs are in the personalization tab under settings, and you can try out several before deciding what you like best. If you decide you want more to choose from, there are additional apps available for download. 

3. Choose the Start Menu Options

Windows 10 introduced a new start menu format that utilizes tiles instead of a stacked menu. If you like the visual references of the tiles, you can personalize how they appear. The size can be enlarged, you can choose which tiles are displayed as frequently used, and you can even create folders for different groups of tiles. If the traditional menu of earlier windows versions is more straightforward for you to use, you can right-click on each tile and unpin it from the start menu. 

4. Customize the Toolbar

The desktop toolbar is where you find the most used apps and can place shortcuts for programs. By default, it is at the bottom of the computer screen. By right-clicking on the bar, you can move the toolbar anywhere you want. This is great when using applications where the bar gets in the way. You can even slide it to the side of the screen or hide it altogether. Are you interested in receiving notifications from your live apps? You can enable this feature in the settings of the toolbar and badges alert when you have a new notification. This is great for messaging and email programs, so you always know when there is new communication. 

5. Create a Photo Slideshow

If you often leave your computer on all day, you may have your computer set to save power by using a screensaver. This also helps keep private information from being displayed while you are out of the office. If you use the screensaver option, you can personalize it with photos. If you enjoy seeing pictures of your friends and family, choose your favorite shot to be used in a slideshow format, so you get to enjoy looking at them all day long.