When it comes to taking care of your precious pooch and feline friends, insurance can be one of the most important investments to make. Life throws all kinds of curveballs, whether it is a chronic illness or an accident, insurance can be a safety net and to make sure you can not only handle the situation, but give them the best care that they deserve.

In addition to good pet insurance, be sure to keep emergency numbers handy, as well as a well-stocked pet first-aid kit.

5. Eusoh

Eusoh offers a unique approach to pet insurance, branding themselves as “Better than pet insurance”. Standard membership entitles the purchaser to a “fair pricing database” to better understand what kinds of prices you can expect for pet care services, and when you should try to shop around. The standard membership does not cover any cost reduction or reimbursement for treatments or care. Sharer level membership does engage the customer in the cost-sharing benefit. The rates for examination come in at a 20% deductible, and they claim to cover up to 80% of medical costs. While 80% is slightly lower than the 90% that is listed for other insurance companies, the terms also note that they will adjust what they are willing to cover based on vague terms, such as “average cost” and “geographical area”. 

4. Embrace

Embrace has some perks – that goes without saying. The ability to process direct payments is spot on, but unfortunately there are a few spots in the functionality of their plans. Embrace has a hard line rule on pre-existing conditions, which can be difficult for some breeds or age groups. Additionally there are some waiting times, such a six month limit for covering orthopedic conditions including broken bones and ligament tears. Of course, the waiting time can be reduced if you want to pay extra fees.

3. Nationwide

We all know the iconic jingle – Nationwide is on your side, but did you know they happen to be cashing in on pet insurance, as well as property? While the pet industry may be newer to them, many are concerned that their coverage of pets is treated from a very corporate standpoint and viewed as a market, rather than a goal for wide-scale pet wellness.

However, they do offer some comprehensive plans which do earn them a place on this list, but keep an eye out for their terms in how long you have to have your plan before they are willing to cover illnesses they may deem as genetic and weigh that against your pet’s foreseeable health.


The ASPCA has long stood as a defender of animal welfare. It’s no wonder that they found their way into the pet insurance industry too. They provide service to both cats and dogs, offering up unique plans that can be chosen. This extends on to different tiers of coverage, which may in turn cause gaps in what may or may not be covered. This is a very valuable thing to weigh if you do ultimately consider them, as you would want to avoid running into a costly situation which the insurance you pay for won’t be willing to cover.

It’s worth noting that cosmetic issues and costs associated with birth or breeding are not covered by the ASPCA, so if that is something that remains in your pet’s future be sure to be prepared to front any of those costs.

1. Pumpkin

When it comes to showing care for pets, Pumpkin takes the cake. Voted the most comprehensive pet insurance company, they offer a stark breakaway from the industrialized corporate insurance. They understand the common situations of the average pet owner and continue to act in the best interest for animal well being. Their coverage and encouragement of preventative care is a shining example of health advocacy and accessibility. This includes coverage for dental care at no additional cost.

They also strive towards continual improvement and initiatives to help pets across the country.

Pumpkin also has snappy turn-around times for getting you your money back after filing claims. They have no per-condition deductible which means that they aren’t going to find excuses to not cover claims, insisting that a certain amount be accumulated per specific condition before providing the coverage that you paid for. They also possess no breed or upper age limits for covering pets. These are just a few of many factors that bring Pumpkin into being one of the most well-rounded and substantial pet insurances you can get for your loved ones.

This is why Pumpkin pet insurance continues to rank at the top of the list time and time again across numerous polls and consumer rating groups.  Enroll your pets now and make sure that they have the optimal protection for anything that life might throw your way.