Due to traumatic events or a stressful lifestyle, blockages begin to appear in your body’s energy flow. These cause imbalance and result in you experiencing psychological and physiological changes. Balancing your chakras or energy centers helps restore the flow of your being thereby, reducing anxiety levels.

Your third eye chakra regulates your intuition, thoughts, and awareness. When out of balance, you will most likely struggle with judgment, sleep, and lose focus. Identifying and rectifying the signs of imbalance aligns your flow of energy and melts your anxieties. 

Importance of Activating Your Third Eye

Developing your sense of knowing is critical, and that is the purpose this sixth chakra fulfills. Chakras directly impact your mental health and for the latter to remain stable, maintaining a balance is essential. Your wellbeing enables you to contribute productively to society.

Sound mental health also helps you keep physical illnesses at bay. The third eye controls hormones, namely Melanin and Serotonin, responsible for your overall wellbeing, including your mental health. A Serotonin imbalance, for instance, causes anxiety and depression. 

An open, activated, and balanced third eye allows you to see things with clarity. Intuitive thoughts and inner wisdom point towards positive mental health. Mental illness creates obstacles that prevent you from achieving spiritual growth. The proper functioning of chakras is pivotal to your wellbeing. 

Mental Health Improvements

Once you awaken your third eye chakra or sixth sense, you harness your inner wisdom, become self-aware, and are in control. Here is how your mental health stands to improve along the way:

Manifests Abundance

Worrying thoughts only keep multiplying and eating into your being on finding a safe nesting place. Through meditation, you inherit the power to eliminate negative thinking at its root. 

As your third eye is activated, your emotional and mental state flourishes. As a result, you lead a more conscious and meaningful life by forging deeper and more meaningful relationships. In time, manifesting abundance becomes as natural as breathing.

Releases Anxiety

An open third eye puts everything in perspective by concentrating on the bigger picture. As you enter a higher state of consciousness, unnecessary worries and anxieties become insignificant. You get a clearer picture of your life’s purpose and learn to keep stress at bay. 

Encourages You to Look Inwards 

A balanced third eye compels you to tap the wealth of information within you. Whatever fears and doubts you may have about your future, you find relevant answers by soul-searching. Looking inwards helps identify the best path that leads to mental and spiritual growth.

Opens Your Mind

By awakening your third eye, you detach yourself from any mental illusions weighing you down. This enables you to successfully rise above the fears and worries otherwise clouding your mind. 

Opening your mind enables you to discriminate between thoughts motivated by fear and those of strength. Such clarity of thought keeps you in touch with reality and encourages you to overcome any perceived limitations.  

A conscious mind is a critical tool to preserve your mental health. Connecting with holistic health practitioners who are committed to supporting your mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing can help get your Chakras aligned, thus enhancing the overall quality of life.