Decor isn’t the only home trend evolving. Owners are moving beyond lamps and paint shades to seeking innovative and revolutionary ways to boost home systems. Home technology concepts hit the market each year, offering residents new and exciting ways to enjoy their space a bit more and with some extra ease. Here are four popular fads.

1. Integrated Audio-Visual Equipment

Television and gaming haven’t gone away. These entertainers, instead, are growing in popularity, especially as generations age. Expect 50-year-olds to be still picking up the controller, and, with ample streaming applications available, they’re diving into shows as well. With such as vast age range (and a lot of time at home), homeowners are investing in media rooms.

Previous adventures included hooking up systems. Expect these to become more one with the home itself. Speakers are built into the walls, delivering enhanced audio surround sound. Televisions continue to be big and are either displayed prominently like decor or are remotely adjustable, tucking away when no longer needed. 

2. Simple and Easy Wi-Fi Network Control

Whole house centralized control is making life a bit easier. By moving devices and systems onto a control system connected to a large wi-fi network, residents can go to touchscreens to access and modify the house’s appliances.

Interested in simplifying your phone system? You may have children or adults looking to call out without a major hassle. Programs as VoIP to landline allow someone to use a phone or an application. Using a wireless system streamlines the phone into the whole network.

Interested in simplifying your phone system? One of the easiest ways to do so is integrating hosted phone systems into your phone system. Compared to traditional landline phones, which require huge equipment, hosted phone systems allow communication without any in-house equipment which will be inappropriate to have at home. These systems use internet connection and make your life easier and reduce the cost of phone bills as they offer cheaper services for international calls than traditional landlines.

3. Enhanced Home Security Systems

Many people have moved out of the office setting, working from home full-time. In addition, general attitudes toward protection have increased, with people interested in knowing who is at the door or walking around at night. Security gadgets are popular again. Doorbell and exterior cameras catch footage of lurkers, and home locks are changing to become keyless with codes.

4. Fashionable Smart Accessories

Becoming a smart home has been an interest for a bit, but those creating the products traditionally focused on the function and not appearance. Shoppers are likely to see an increase in designer smart accessories meant to blend into the home more than in the past. The market should see a collection of items intended to possess more color and style while maintaining or improving the function of the home.

Ride the wave of innovation, and pick up a few new things for the home. Current trends have owners enjoying more control over their devices and blending them into their decor.