Hair: It’s our crowning glory and something so many of us spend a lot of money on. While colouring and styling our hair is undoubtedly the biggest culprit when it comes to damage, our well-intentioned spending and use of hair products can also be a major contributor. In the case of Zala hair extensions, certain products can also reduce their longevity and natural, glossy appearance. 

If you’re unsure whether your go-to products and daily routine are in fact the cause of your hair woes, we’re here to help. 

Products and Approaches To Reconsider

Salt Spray

Salt spray is designed to give you that lovely hold and texture you get after a day at the beach. Does your skin ever feel dry and itchy after a day soaked in salt, however? This is due to the drying properties of salt, and the effects are just as drying on your skin as your hair as it strips the strands of its keratin proteins. 

For a better alternative, try using a sugar spray or mist instead. If you simply cannot break up with your favourite salt spray, be sure to deep condition your hair regularly. 

Dry Shampoo 

Unlike liquid shampoo which cleanses hair and along with water, washes away dirt and grime, dry shampoo leaves deposits on the hair to soak up oil. The buildup on your hair can diminish its shine and lead to damaged hair follicles and impaired hair growth. 

If you use dry shampoo, try to keep it to a minimum and be sure to cleanse your hair properly with real shampoo and water at least once a week. 

Hair Spray

Similar to dry shampoo, hair spray builds up on your hair and scalp. It creates amazing hold – but also dulls your hair and can make your scalp itchy and appear flaky. This is primarily due to its alcohol content which also creates frizz and damage. Consider switching to an alcohol-free hairspray to reduce the damage to your strands. 

Hair Elastics

Nothing causes breakage as fast as tying your hair tightly with a hair elastic—this is true for your hair or any human hair extensions you have in. While we’re not suggesting you give up tying your hair back, we do recommend switching to silk scrunchies or invisibobbles. These options have a smoother surface that creates less tension in your hair and therefore less breakage. 

Heat Protectant Sprays

But doesnt this product work to protect your hair? Well, yes—however, if you apply it and don’t let it soak in and dry before applying heat, it can potentially boil on your hair strands once heated. This will fry your hair leading to breakage and dull, lifeless looking hair. Always brush protectant through and allow it to air dry as much as possible before heat styling. 

Too Much Brushing

The Marcia Brady method of brushing your hair for 100 strokes is completely misguided. Over brushing your hair doesn’t lead to smoother, healthier hair. Instead, it can create static, breakage and frizz. Breakage is especially likely if you brush while your hair is wet and most elastic. Limit brushing to once a day and try to work from the ends up, gently to reduce tangles. 

If possible, avoid brushing altogether and use a wide tooth comb during your conditioning routine only. 

Wrong Drying Techniques

Poor quality hair dryers and regular bath towels are out! Dry your hair with a microfibre cloth and squeeze moisture out rather than rubbing or tousling it. This reduces frizz and breakage while helping your hair dry faster without added heat.

Just as importantly, be sure to use a quality hair dryer with heat level settings that can help protect your hair. Opt to use medium heat on a low speed to ensure you dry your hair gradually without frying it. 

What If I Have Hair Extensions? 

If you have human hair extensions, and in particular high quality remy hair extensions, the same care tips provided above should be followed. Should you have clip-in hair extensions or a halo that can be removed, this makes it easier to cleanse and condition the hair. However, this should only be done when the build-up of products is visible. Washing your ZALA hair extensions too often can reduce their longevity. 

Great Hair Is In The Details

You don’t need an abundance of expensive products or expertise to care properly for your hair or hair extensions. Simply being mindful of your everyday routine and the way you use your products can help you achieve healthy, glossy hair and extend the life of your hair extensions.  

If your hair has been damaged through improper care and you’re dreaming of more voluminous healthy hair, Remy hair extensions could help you pull off the look you’re after as your natural hair grows out. Extensions that are well-cared for can hold up for months and unlock many new styles, from everyday looks to looks for special events.