One of the best exercise machines that you can buy for cardio is the elliptical trainer. This machine is not only great at spiking your heart rate but it is also easy on the joints and is low impact. This makes it fantastic for a wide range of people to use regularly. Now, the only downside of ellipticals is that they typically take up a lot of space. However, some ellipticals are smaller and designed to fit into smaller spaces in your home. We will now look at a couple of tips and guidelines to keep in mind when looking for a small elliptical. 

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When looking to purchase a compact elliptical, there are a few considerations that you need to pay attention to. These include the durability of the machine, comfort, ease of use, noise etc. You should also consider the weight capacity since smaller ellipticals typically have a lighter weight capacity. The overall sturdiness of the machine is also critical because a machine that falls apart easily won’t give you value for your money. 

Now, if you are living in an apartment or other small area that is shared by other people, then you should closely consider how much noise the elliptical makes. In order to determine how much noise the elliptical would make, you will have to see how much the flyweight weighs. Basically, you should look for an elliptical with a heavy flyweight since the heavier it is, the quieter the elliptical would operate. This is because it would promote a much smoother and quieter movement. 

Next, you should consider the stability of the elliptical. You should thoroughly check the elliptical before purchase and ensure that it is sturdy when it is standing on its own. Be sure to check the weight capacity of the elliptical since this will have an impact on the stability. Now, if the elliptical will be used by many different people of many different weights, be sure to consider the heaviest person who will use it. So, if the weight capacity is 250 lbs, make sure that you’re under 250 lbs as well as everyone else who is going to use it is under 250 lbs. If you or any other users are over 250 lbs, look for an elliptical with a higher weight capacity. By following this guideline, the machine will not only be more stable but also be more durable and last a lot longer. 

Lastly, make sure that you check the warranty on any elliptical before you purchase it. You should strive to get a warranty for as long as possible since this will reduce your maintenance and repair costs significantly. It will also give you peace of mind because if anything happens to the elliptical while it is under warranty, it will be repaired by the manufacturer. You should always be wary of any elliptical that has a short warranty since this indicates that the machine is likely built with inferior materials and will likely have issues much sooner than you may expect. 

In summary, we have just looked at a couple of guidelines that should help you to find a great elliptical for your small space. Be sure to closely consider the advice above so that you buy an elliptical that will give you many years of good service.