Your heart is telling you to choose a career that helps others. You volunteer here and there, but you want more; you want a career that will allow you to help as many people as you can. Well, there are many jobs you can do. All you have to do is find the one that speaks to you.

Occupational Therapist

You need a doctorate for this healthcare-related career, but you get to help folks who need it. You’ll be teaching people to use their bodies again after going through some kind of sickness or accident. Sometimes, people can’t use their legs, hands, or fingers to do basic things like putting on clothes or cooking, which is where you come in. Your studies need to focus on biology, physiology, psychology, and others if you want to pursue this career. As a compassionate person, you’ll fall in love with this career, and it pays well.

School Counselor

A school counselor can also be an excellent career for you. You will need to get accredited, so you’ll need to consider which school you want to attend. A lot of people don’t know what they want to do with their lives. You’ll be there to help them figure out these things by evaluating their skills and talking about their interests. The stress of not knowing what to do in the future could be overwhelming, but you’ll be there to give people a little clarity. If you’re out in the workforce or simply don’t want to go to a physical school, you could consider online school counseling programs offered by accredited universities. These exist and make going to school much more manageable.


Psychology is something you should look into. It’s something that could help many people. Mental health is one of the most misunderstood subjects, but it’s pretty damaging to some people. Psychologists are in high demand, and you could be a part of the solution. You can provide guidance, and ultimately, you should provide relief to some of these folks searching for help and trying to get answers. You will need a doctorate if you’re going to be a psychologist though some organizations might take you if you only have a Master’s. If you know you like talking to people and exploring the mind, then this is the career for you.

If you are interested in transitioning to a career in psychology in later life, you need to look into your options for education. If you already have a degree in an area that could be considered related, you can take a graduate diploma in psychology online, which teaches you the basic psychology disciplines that are used today. This won’t be enough to allow you to become a psychologist, but it is the first step on your journey. Once you complete this course, you can then pursue further education to become a fully qualified psychologist. However, if you don’t want to go down that route, a graduate diploma in psychology still opens up a lot of opportunities. Studying online also makes it easier to complete your education while you are working, which is ideal for a late stage career change.

Social Service Manager

The social service manager career is another one you may want to consider. What you need is a Bachelor’s degree, and that should be enough to make a difference in your community. If you’re the kind of person who wants to do as much as possible for the community, then this is the career for you. What you’re going to be doing is identifying programs that could help the community as a whole. You’ll be in charge of analyzing the programs that are in place and figuring out what you need to do to make things run smoothly. You’ll be learning to allocate revenue to possibly fund another program that you know your community could use. Many people need help, and sometimes, it’s easier to provide help in bulk rather than individually.


The job of a translator is an important one. You’re needed in many ways. Some translators work in politics, but others work in hospitals, police stations, schools, and courtrooms. You can imagine how much these folks make a difference. Part of what makes countries like the U.S. great is that it welcomes the foreigner, but that creates a bit of an issue with language barriers. The good thing is translators solve that problem by making sure the person who doesn’t understand English understands what’s going on. To become a translator, you need to be fluent in at least two languages, and you will need a Bachelor’s degree or something higher.

These are just some career options out there for you, but there are more paths for you, like a firefighter or a nurse. Read into every option available to you, and choose the one that feels right to you.