Pregnancy is the perfect time for you to make your health a priority. One way to do this is by exercising each day. Daily movement helps you feel energized, have fewer aches and pains and help maintain your weight. However, some activities are better than when you’re expecting, so check with your doctor to ensure it’s safe for you to participate. If you don’t have a doctor, see if your community has any women’s clinics. Many of these facilities offer free pregnancy testing Atlanta, low-cost exams and even ultrasounds. Once you get the okay for exercise, here are some activities for you to do. 


Taking a brisk stroll during your lunch break or after dinner is a quick and easy way to get some exercise. This movement is easy on your joints and you don’t need any additional training, equipment or be in shape to do it. You get a low-impact cardio workout as well as muscle strengthening and stretching, too. 


In hotter months, swimming is a great way to cool off and also get a workout. As you progress in your pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch, and your body becomes sore, so getting into the pool helps relieve those aches. Since minimal impact is put on your body in the water, you can swim some laps and get your heart pumping without injuring your knees and other joints. 


This type of exercise focuses on slow, stretching movements. It’s a great way to build muscle while increasing flexibility and mobility. Yoga doesn’t give as much of a cardio workout as walking or swimming, but it does help relieve stress and pain and help your body prepare for childbirth. Prenatal yoga classes are often available at local gyms and community centers which means it’s an easy way to meet other mothers going through a similar experience.

Stationary Bicycling

If you are looking to get more of a heart workout, stationary cycling is easy on your joints while raising your heart rate. These are available in gyms but can also be purchased for home use. Many have adjustable resistance levels and timers for distance and time targets. Since your ability to balance changes over the course of your pregnancy, be cautious getting on and off the bike, so you don’t fall.

Strength Training

Taking time to strengthen your muscles is another low-impact experience you can do while pregnant. Whether you’re using light weights, strengthening bands or your body’s resistance, all options are possible. Keeping your muscles toned not only helps your body prepare for the rigors of childbirth, but it also helps your body return to prepregnancy condition after you deliver your baby. If you are just starting with strength training, you can do squats, wall push-ups, bicep curls and lunges without extra equipment. 

Staying fit during pregnancy doesn’t have to be difficult to do. Many exercises are available for all different experience levels without the need for a lot of equipment. Ensure you and your baby have the best start possible by getting exercise each day.