Babies spend over half of their day asleep and for them to be comfortable and safe, they need pajamas so if you are wondering, do babies need pajamas, yes, they need them.

If this is your first time buying baby sleepwear, you should know that there are many options you can buy for your little person. From onesies to baby gowns, they are all there for you to choose from.

For you to buy the right sleepwear for your baby there are plenty of things you should pay attention to with the most common ones being:


Different pajamas are ideal for kids of different ages. For example, kids between the ages of 0-3 months are best suited for sleeping gowns then swaddle them with a comfy swaddling blanket.

Besides the sleeping gowns being comfortable, they come with zips on the front that make it easy to change the diapers. When you swaddle the baby with a blanket, you give the baby a comfy and snug feeling similar to the one they have when they are in the womb. And as you can guess, this comes in handy at soothing them and helping them go to sleep and even sleep for longer periods.

For older kids, 3-24 months, get them sleeper bags. You should stop swaddling your kids when they start rolling.

You also should avoid covering the kid with blankets and other loose beddings as they increase the risk of the baby suffocating.

At this age, sleeper bags make the best option. To give your baby the feeling of being swaddled, get wearable blankets. These blankets allow the baby’s hands and arms to be free while keeping the rest of the body scooped up in the bag. The sleeper bag can have short or long sleeves.

The beauty of the sleeper bag is it’s comfy, so the kid remains comfortable throughout their sleep. This is because the bag is wide at the bottom giving the little one enough room to move around and even kick their legs.

The bags come with a zip or button at the front that makes it easy to change the diaper at night. Unlike with other clothes where you have to undress the baby, with the sleeper bag you simply need to slip the zip open and change your baby’s diaper.

Sleeper bags are also highly versatile as you can use them in different weather conditions. For example, when it’s hot you can dress your baby in a single sleeper bag then when the temperatures dip, layer the little human. Dressing the baby in a pajama underneath then slip the sleeper bag over for that vital warmth.

To get the most from the sleeper bag, buy a bag made from breathable and hypoallergenic material such as cotton. The sleeper bag should also be gentle and lulling to the baby’s skin.

Baby’s preference

Another thing that will influence your pajama choice is your baby’s preference. If you have been dressing your baby in pajamas for sometime, you must have noticed what they like and don’t like. For example, one baby might be happy to sleep in a sleeper bag, and another throws a hissy fit when you dress them in the same outfit.

As a responsible parent, it’s up to you to know what your baby likes and what he doesn’t. If he doesn’t like a certain pajama type, look for alternatives. For example, if he doesn’t like sleeper bags, you can get a footie or romper pajama instead.


How much are you looking to spend on your baby’s pajama? There are all types of stores meant to cater to all budgets, so you are bound to find one that will match your budget.

You can buy offline or from an online store such as Either way, ensure that the pajama you are buying is the right size for your baby.

To avoid having to go to the stores repeatedly buying the outfit, buy pajamas that are a little large so that the little person can wear them for a little longer.

Valuable tips when dressing your baby

For the best pajama experience, you need to consider several tips that include:

Keep it light on summer nights

To prevent your baby from sweating during those hot summer nights, keep it light and breezy. This calls for you to dress your baby with basic short sleeve cotton, T-shirt, or organic cotton bodysuit.

If it’s too hot, a bodysuit or tee is the best option but if you have the air conditioner on, stick with cotton long sleeve pajamas with footies.

Protect the little one from the cold

During winter, protect your little one from the chilly weather by dressing them in appropriate gear. Some of the best options are heavy microfleece swaddle, snuggly fleece pajama, or sleep sack. You shouldn’t cover your baby with loose blankets as they have the risk of causing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDSA) and you don’t want it on your little one, do you?

Keep away the hat

As much as the baby looks cute in a hat, you should save it for Instagram photoshoots. Never put on a hat on your baby as the hat can easily slip off your baby’s head and cover their face and nose making it hard for them to breathe.

The baby self regulates by releasing heat through the newborn noggin so when you cover it you put the baby at the risk of overheating.

Stick with a snug fit

Some brands have come up with flame-resistant pajamas meant to prevent the baby from catching fire in the event of a house fire. While the outfits are good, there is not enough research done on the safety of the chemicals used in making them.

To protect your little champ, avoid these clothes until there is enough evidence that the chemicals are safe for babies.

Instead, you should stick with snug pajamas. These fit close to the body hence minimizing the chances of the baby getting burnt.

Besides protecting the baby from a fire, the snug pajamas also ensure that the little person is safe as the clothes can’t ride up and choke them. The pajamas also allow the baby to easily move around and kick leaving them comfortable, relaxed, and happy.