With more than 230 kilometres of pure sand and at least 40 blue flag beaches, Tuscany is, without a doubt, one of the best places to enjoy the sun and the crystalline azure blue sea in Italy. Having managed a perfect natural balance in its wildlife and natural beauties and featuring enchanting views, great tourist facilities, ease of access, as well as safety measures, crystal-clear waters, tranquil atmosphere, and notable points of interest, the Tuscany coastline is blessed with some of the most captivating shores. Here are five beaches that will definitely reward the time spent to reach them! 

1. Feniglia Beach

Lying on the southern tip of Tuscany, Feniglia is a long and narrow strip of sugary sand with many secluded coves and warm waters. Particularly known for its verdant nature reserve, it takes you away from the craziness of the crowded cities and pampers you with beautiful treks leading to untouchable forested areas, sand dunes, and Instagram-perfect lagoons. 

2. Follonica Beach

Although the waters are absolutely pure and clean along the entire Tuscany coast, they become even clearer the further south you go. Follonica is living proof of it. If you believe you have seen transparent waters that mirror the sandy sunbed like no other, wait to see the shores of Follonica. Frequented by Italians, the beach also greets sunbathers with a charming modern resort town that blends old-world allure with modern glam. While here, you can also visit the Castello di Valli ruins that date back to around 880 AD! 

3. Forte dei Marmi 

Occupying a prestigious spot on the northern part of the Tuscany coastline, Forte dei Marmi is a beautiful beach town with an equally striking shore that enables you to enjoy the gentle breeze cooling the air and the glorious Mediterranean sun. Feel free to dip your toes in the delightful Tyrrhenian Sea and be prepared for awe-inspiring views. After your beach endeavours, you can slip in your comfy beachwear and walk along the Pontile, the long pier that dazzles with the offered seascapes. 

4. Castiglioncello

Here, we are talking about a cliffside city with superb panoramas, luxury resorts, and sandy beaches. The shore itself is a bit narrow (not as long as its other counterparts) but still offers plenty of opportunities to entertain yourself. If you are willing to go on a beachside expedition of some sort, you will discover hidden coves, delightful inlets, and lots of natural beauty to appreciate. As for history lovers, the 17th-century watchtower and some more points of interest will certainly excite you! 

5. Cala Violina 

This is the ideal option if you are wishing for the utmost privacy. Cala Violina is a heart-stopping, unfrequented beach close to the mind-blowing nature reserve of Bandite di Scarlino. Many people describe this place as a symphony of colours and sights, with endless shades of blue mixing with the pure white sand and the lush scenery of the nearby forests. If you are searching for earthy heaven, then this is your place. Arm yourself with a bit of courage and dare to walk the 2 km footpath to get there. You will feel grateful for this “sacrifice”. 

Accommodation options in Tuscany

This is yet another way to spoil yourself when visiting Tuscany. You have a plethora of alternatives to consider, including luxury villas close to medieval towns, exclusive mansions amidst forested lands, fully renovated farmhouses, hilltop cottages, and exquisite beachside properties. You just list your requirements and start browsing the available options. No matter what to choose, make sure you have lots of space on your camera to capture the numerous adventures you are about to experience in Tuscany, beach-related or not!