Everyone says the right shoe can complete the outfit and turn out to be a game-changer! You are not the only one who want to ditch those sky-high stilettos and opt for something more comfortable. Don’t feel guilty! It’s ok if you have come along here looking for flat shoes for your wedding which can replace those heels and look stunning. It’s not that your wedding would be incomplete if you don’t wear heels.

Usually, brides after the main ceremony change onto funky and eye-catching sneakers or flats. It’s not wrong if you want to go for flats as a full-time option, because it’s the big day and as much important, it is for you to look good it’s also crucial for you to be comfortable and enjoy your day to the fullest. 

There are a variety of different options to choose from when it comes to flat wedding shoes. Popping all of them down, so breathe in and don’t stress go, go through the options and choose wisely; you will indeed look stunning!

  1. Classic White Flats: Sticking to the tradition, if you are opting for a white wedding gown, then, of course, a classic white flat will be amazing! Even if it is not going to be white, you don’t need to worry cause white can be paired up with any colour! What’s an ideal white flat? Some pearls on top of the flat with a touch of ribbon, maybe. One can not go wrong with this! If one wants a more dressy look, they can go for flats with embellishments like rhinestones on top along with ribbons. Both give a chic look altogether and makes you look perfect!
  2. Gold and Champagne Flats: Either you are an Australian bride or any other bride, it doesn’t matter. Gold and Champagne is the colour suitable for all brides. It gives an opulent and bride vibe instantly. Either it’s a colourful traditional gown or a white gown, gold or Champagne comes to the rescue! It complements every skin tone perfectly, so no need to worry about that!
  3. Laced flats: Getting the right fit for flat shoes is tricky most of the time. It is much trouble when it comes to flat wedding shoes. One of the most straightforward solutions to this problem is the utilisation of laces. Laces embedded with gold and silver thread are also available for wedding attire. Gold and silver embedded laces are prime time luxury items that are most suitable for occasions like weddings. Thus laced flat shoes add more comfort to the already comfortable flat shoes. It is a design solution for better fitting and good comfort. Laced flats are also aesthetically more appealing. 

Handy Tip: 

  • Since one is opting for flats, one needs to make sure that she is comfortable wearing them and it fits her the way she wants, because the main reason a bride opts for flats is when she looks for comfort. The key is to try on the pair beforehand to avoid a last-minute rush, wear it, and walk a bit to check its ease. 

One will not need a survival kit like band-aids, gel pads or stuff like that; flat wedding shoes shall keep them going. A bride’s very heels usually cause bruises after wearing them. 

Another thing is that one does not need to worry about is carrying an extra pair. Brides wearing heels prefer having a spare set of flats in case they can’t take the pain any longer. So to be on the safe side, one may carry an extra pair even in flats, but honestly, that’s not required when one’s already wearing flats.