Singapore is considered to be one of the countries in Asia with a highly developed economy. It is a member of the Four Asian Tigers together with South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but with Singapore surpassing the other three in terms of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

With an economy that is business-friendly, dynamic and innovative, many people want to try their luck in Singapore, and it would be no surprise if you are one of those people. But moving to a new place can take some time to get used to.

To ease that feeling, why not get yourself a pet dog to take your mind off things. They are great companions and can give you a great amount of joy, especially when you see them playing around with their toys.

When it comes to dog toys, you need to make sure you are buying a proper one for your furry friend. So before you go to a pet store in Singapore, here are some tips for buying the perfect dog toy.

Ensure That They Are the Right Size

When it comes to dog toys, you have to make sure that they can fit inside your dog’s mouth. As you know, dogs like to chew and carry their toys around.

An example would be a ball. You have to make sure that they are large enough to carry around and too small that they might accidentally get swallowed. 

Squeaky and Soft Dog Toys Are for Gentle Dogs

If your dog likes to carry a plush toy and chew it from time to time without ripping it apart, then soft and squeaky toys can be a good option for them. Some dogs tend to chew their toys too aggressively, and soft-squeaky toys can be easily ripped apart.

Also, take note that squeaky toys will have a squeaker in them, and if your dog gets into it too much, they might not stop until the squeaking stops and could cause them to swallow the squeaker.

Lively Dogs Like Active Toys

If you have a very lively dog, then you should consider buying a rubber toy that is very hard, like a tennis ball. But do check on them always as they might crack. 

Rope toys are good, too, as energetic dogs like to shake them around. 

Smart Dogs Do Great With Puzzle Toys and Treat Toys

Having a super-smart dog can be very hard to entertain and play with. They get bored very easily with toys that are too simple for them. To keep them busy and interested for hours, puzzle toys or treat toys are your best choice. 

Puzzle toys can give your dog a challenge as treats are hidden in compartments and can only be taken out once they solve the toy. There are also puzzle toys that have increasing difficulty, so your dog will not get bored easily.

Treat toys can also keep dogs busy for hours as they have to chew on them diligently if they want to keep getting small treats.

When buying dog toys for your furry friend, it is important to do little research first. So when you go to a pet store in Singapore, ask the storekeeper or staff first what would be a good toy for your dog. They will be happy to assist.

Your dog deserves the best, even when it comes to their toys.