Men Want Different Things For Different Reasons

Men like their toys, there’s no way around it. They love boats and ATVs and RVs and generators and band saws and impact drivers and massage chairs—you name the high-tech innovation, there’s a high likelihood your man will like it. But the thing is, men also have this sort of instinctual preservation aspect to their psyche which demands utility.

Look at all the toys listed in the beginning of that first paragraph. Every one of them has some practical use. A man is very unlikely to desire a gift for the sake of the gift itself. Some sort of painting or mural or sculpture or anything in that category—such things aren’t likely to make your husband enamored of what you’ve purchased.

Now certainly, all men are different. Perhaps your husband is a professor at a college and his discipline is in water painting. Maybe he would absolutely adore some fine artwork from a preeminent artist in the field. So if there’s some inanimate object which fits your husband’s proclivities, by all means, get that!

However, for a lot of guys, the utility of the gift will be one of the biggest things which makes it special in their eyes. As you consider this reality, also consider the following gifts designed to delight your husband while simultaneously providing him something he can find a legitimate use for.

1. A Top-Tier Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are always fun. The Swiss Army Knife has its place, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to multi-tool options these days. The Swiss opened Pandora’s box when it came to such tools. Check out this link to some of 2021’s best multitools.

There are some surprising options, and you’ll love to see your man walking around with the multitool you gave him clipped to his belt as a regular component of his daily “stuff” quotient.

Everybody has stuff. Wallets, keys, gum, smartphones, change, lighters—every man has two to ten things he packs his pockets with every day. Get him a fine multitool, and that will become part of his “stuff” repertoire. Who knows what it’ll be needed for later? Best to have it at all times!

2. Electric Power Tools With Multiple Batteries

Corded electric power tools are a big pain for many construction-minded guys. They would prefer an impact driver with a changeable battery than one with a cord. When there’s a cord, it gets in the way and limits utility. Cordless impact drivers and drills don’t have that problem—more can get done with greater quality in less time when building is as cordless as possible.

Now the batteries to such power tools are themselves a bit expensive, but you can get an array with three or four that charge while their brother is in use plugged into the bottom of whatever tool is being employed. If he doesn’t have battery-based power tools utilizing multiple batteries in a power station, you may want to get him some; he’ll love them.

3. A New Wallet

Wallets of men only last a few years because guys tend to pack them thick with unnecessary things until the stitching comes out and they break. If he hasn’t had a new wallet in a year or two, you might go online and explore the options available, such as Real Mens Wallets.

Every man loves a new wallet. It’s a tool he carries daily, he needs it, and he likely won’t buy one himself until the old one is literally crumbling to dust.

4. Computer Accessories: Wireless Speakers, Keyboards, Etc.

Wireless bluetooth speakers can be as amazing as a subwoofer-based sound system from thirty years ago. Get him a couple bluetooth speakers for his computer, maybe a wireless keyboard or some IoT (Internet of Things) toys. For the tech-savvy man, cutting edge tech innovations are always exciting.

5. A Handheld Projector That Syncs To A Smartphone

Now there are some pricey digital LED projectors out there, but there are some which are also dirt cheap. It depends on both the projector, and your budget. You can pick one up for $50 on, though it likely won’t work quite as well as you’d prefer. Meanwhile, for around $100 there are some decent options that will sync with a smartphone.

Here’s a list of five ranging from $100 to $650. Look for others as well. This is a bit of a “novelty” device, but it can make a windowless room in the basement into a home theater. Or, it could be used to project a movie on the roof atop your bed; you can both fall asleep to a favorite film, or maybe some sort of psychedelic display underscored by music on YouTube.

6. A Decadent Booze Basket

Do you know what else many men like? Beer, bourbon, whiskey, wine, booze—you name it, they love it. They love to crack open a cold one to unwind after a long day and sip while watching their favorite sport on TV. A lot of men aren’t picky about their alcohol, but beer doesn’t seem like such a treat when they can get it anytime. Instead of the usual cheap stuff, why not treat your husband to the finer things in life? Like a basket of fine wine and equally fine treats. There are services that let you customize your wine basket gift, so you can make one that suits your partner’s taste. Trust me, he’ll absolutely love the surprise.