You might think that a towel is a towel, whether it is a beach towel or a bath towel. Apart from their flamboyant designs, there are several technical aspects of a beach towel that makes it almost the opposite of a bath towel. The truth is that their purpose cannot be more different from each other. So, if you are about to take a trip to the beach and are not sure whether you should pack a beach towel or a bath towel, read on.

In this article, we will be discussing the differences between a beach towel and a bath towel.

  1. Size

You must have observed that your typical beach towel is longer and bigger than your typical bath towel. The reason behind this is that the purpose of a beach towel is more than just keeping you dry and clean. It can be used as a blanket, a makeshift pillow, or even a tanning bed. Many even use it as a fashion accessory, and the manufacturing process of the beach towels incorporates this aspect. That is why the size of it is considerably bigger than that of a bath towel. It is the solitary barrier between the sandy beach and you, which is why there is more fabric. 

2. Appearance

The difference in the appearance of a beach towel and a bath towel is undeniable. If you go just by visual context, you will be able to recognise which one is which by the stark difference in colour. The colour of a towel is selected to complement the environment it will be used in. The deep and rich tones of a bath towel complement the airy and modern monochromatic environment like that of a bathroom, whereas the bright colour contrasts of greens, blues, and yellows perfectly complement the bold, expressive feelings of being at a beach.

3. Thickness

When you touched both towels and inspected their sides, you must have noticed the difference in thickness. Bath towels are thick as they need to be absorbent. This is because the bathroom has to be as dry as possible. Also, even if you take your sweet time in a shower, the drying process is always more haste. Beach towels, on the other hand, are made of a thinner fabric. They are also less absorbent as they are primarily used to provide a barrier between the sand and your body. Also, beach towels are light to carry around and get dry very quickly.

4. Sides

A towel has two sides. When you use a bath towel, you will find that both sides are equally absorbent. It is not the same for a beach towel. Its one side has been designed to be more absorbent so that it could dry your body after being in the water. However, its other side’s design is meant to ensure that the towel doesn’t get clogged up or soggy on the sand. 

5. Texture

Take a brand-new bath towel and run your hand over it. You will find that it is absorbent, luxurious, and soft. But, if you take it on a beach one or two times, it will get sandy, stained, and smelly. However, the beach towel is manufactured using materials that can resist these effects.

So, if you are taking a trip to the beach, do not forget to pack some beach towels and have an amazing day!