Did you know that many people recommend taking baby photos five to twelve days after the birth? For many of us, this can be a whirlwind time when trying to fit photoshoots in may slip down the list. But do you know how to get baby photos right whatever the age?

Part of it is down to getting the right outfit, and not just for baby! Read on as we discuss how to pick the best baby outfits for pictures. 

Match a Location

The first step you need to take is to decide on a location. The reason for this is that it is just as important as the people in the picture and their outfits. It can set a mood and a theme, that should be carried on to your clothing. 

If you are having pictures taken in a studio, then ask the photographer what the setup will be like. Is it a screen with white, muted tones? Or are there furniture and decorations in the studio?

If you are going elsewhere, then think about the impact the environment will have on the baby outfits you choose. If you are going out into the woods, then theme your clothes in a similar way. Wrap baby up in outdoor gear, get your hiking boots on, and get back to nature. 

Another example could be hitting the beach. Cute sun hats and swimming gear could be worn, accessorized with bucket and spade props. All you need to do is get into your shorts and relaxed beachwear to play alongside. 

Co-ordinate but Avoid Matching

Whatever you do, don’t get identical matching outfits. The key to a great family picture is to make it look as natural as possible. Matching outfits look staged, contrived, and out of touch. 

This also applies if you have more than one child. Even with twins, you should attempt to dress them individually. 

Another idea is to select your baby’s outfit first. From this favorite outfit, take the key colors inherent in its design. Make sure that each of you has these colors somewhere in your outfit, even if it is just in small trims or accessories. 

Stay Classic

Luckily, baby clothing trends tend to remain pretty similar. If you choose a classic outfit, it is unlikely to go out of fashion. Go the other way and try to make your baby look on-trend and current, and your pictures will have dated before the baby reaches their next birthday. 

This can also be said of the adults. While you may have a fashionable new outfit, how will it look in the future? Try to pick out something simple, but on point and timeless. 

Carry this over into what you are doing in the pictures. You don’t need to be using props and staging. Instead, act natural, pick some great classic clothing like this Sammy’s vintage dress, and you will get the best shots. 

Talk to the Photographer

This seems like an obvious step to take. However, many people don’t even entertain the thought and turn up on the day in whatever they like. Very often, this can cause a number of problems. 

You may find the climate or environment is not matched to the clothing. It could be autumn with beautiful brown and orange leaves, and your family is in a clashing color scheme. 

You may turn up at dawn or in the evening. The outfit you wear could be impacted by the distinctive lighting that appears at these times. This could be for better or worse. 

Essentially, a photographer will know what is best. They may be able to advise on color schemes or even whole outfits. 

Choosing Your Outfit

Of course, once you have babies outfit and a theme picked, you need to choose your own outfit. This can be just as tough as picking the overall theme of the shoot. 

A dress is always a good idea. It makes you feel pretty and feminine, without being too formal. They are also very flattering when worn in pictures. 

Try to find something with a fitted waist. You do not want something too flowing or swinging. The wrong angle or a gust of wind can create some poses you really don’t want, which make you look bigger or odd shapes. 

If you don’t want to wear a dress, then opt for a combination of a top and skirt. As long as it is more formal and dressed than your everyday wear, you will look great in a photoshoot. 

Tips for Dressing Baby

Now you know the color, theme and have your own dress, you need to dress baby. Luckily, babies look cute in most things and whatever you put them in, they will steal the show. However, there are a few things that can help. 

Try to keep babies outfit a soft, neutral tone. Even in a color palette, you can use the shades you have picked with a white outfit for baby. The younger your baby is, the more simple the outfit should be. 

Always go for high-quality fabrics. Day to day you can get away with some cheaper items of clothing, but in a picture, the fabric will really show up. Soft, high-quality cottons are the best idea. 

Finally, always keep outfits in reserve! Babies have numerous ways they can destroy an outfit within an instant. 

Baby Outfits for Pictures

When choosing baby outfits for pictures, the success lies more in what your theme and own outfits are than babies. The baby will always look cute, whatever they are wearing. Always remember you are accompanying them, and they are the star of the show. By the way, the received photos can not only be posted on Instagram. Decorate it in a super cute style, in a plush frame or a combo frame with a baby handprint. It will turn out very touching!

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