When my kids were little, we listened to the Wiggles all the time. By all the time, I mean on TV, in the car, at home, on CD, etc! Our good friends were fans of the Wiggles too, so our kids would jam out to the Wiggles. We survived many road trips singing along with the Wiggles. The new “We’re All Fruit Salad!” Greatest Hits album has a little bit of everything from over the years. With over 40 Wiggles hits, this album has so many wonderful songs to keep your little ones entertained.

I know so many Wiggles songs from listening to them for years. As a parent, I enjoyed this upbeat, catchy music alongside my kids. Can you believe The Wiggles have been around for 30 years? What an awesome way to celebrate an amazing anniversary. I had no idea that this group was founded 30 years ago, but it does not surprise me that they have had such great success. Check out this photo from 1991! (photo credit: https://www.thewiggles30years.com/)

There are a few newer songs that I am not familiar with, and plenty of Wiggles classics that I know like the back of my hand. It is impossible for me to hear songs like “Hot Potato” or “Fruit Salad” without singing along!

Some of my other favorites from The Greatest Hits include: “Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car”, and “Rockabye Your Bear”. It is nice hearing the newer songs as well, which I was not familiar with and have that great Wiggles sound.

Newer songs include the “Handwashing Song”, “Emma’s Yellow Bus”, and “Welcome to the Lachy”. There are 10 songs that are exclusive to the album, so there really is a great variety of tracks.

I highly recommend the Wiggles music for younger kids. We thoroughly enjoyed this music for many years, and it has stuck with me. This album is a great way to commemorate all those years of music, or as an introduction to the Wiggles.

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“The Wiggles Greatest Hits” CD

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