For those who share a passion for aiding others and empowering societies that are always underserved, the sector of social work offers the chance to create a difference in multiple settings. From military to mental health transitions to economic uncertainty, there is a wide range of matters that social workers are devoted to addressing at various levels.

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The demand for social services and health care is likely to grow over the next five years – and with it, the sum of social work jobs. While the standard job growth rate for all professions has hit 7% nationwide, career opportunities in social work will have to double that growth. Isn’t it great news?

So, those interested in chasing a career in this rewarding field have countless pathways that can be a significant turn-up. The following list shines a light on the many career options available for these passionate souls.

  1. Medical and Public Health Social Worker

Medical and public health social workers aren’t restricted to helping a particular person and an entire community. These social workers offer their services to state, local, and federal government agencies. Based on the agency’s requirements, a public health worker’s latitude can include the health of minor population size in rural communities or prominent residents at the national level. Moreover, these social workers must have a detailed knowledge of the entire community’s social and health issues.

Furthermore, public health social workers are acquired to have a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree can offer more purpose and in-depth understanding of the intersection between public health concerns and social work. Different universities offer CSWE accredited online MSW programs to equip future leaders with community and clinic-based practice training to empower communities, families, and individuals.

  1. Mental Health Counselor

The job of a mental health counselor is pretty essential to understand. These exert bodies work directly with patients to help them cope with challenging life events or mental illnesses. They can work in various settings, including within treatment programs and independently.

Since more and more people are openly seeking treatment and counseling for mental illnesses, this profession will undoubtedly get bigger.

  1. Rehabilitation Counselor

They assist people with disabilities – resulting from diseases, accidents, or genetic conditions. Other than that, they work on independent levels, coping with issues surrounding their patients’ disadvantages, and provide career counseling.

Rehabilitation counselors deal with many activities, from implementing and coordinating activities, job placement at rehabilitation facilities to person-to-person counseling. Moreover, a bachelor’s degree is necessary for this type of position. However, most employers prefer a master’s degree because it incorporates advanced knowledge and skills.

  1. Human Resources Specialist/Coordinator

Though this may not appear as a customary social work duty, human resource directors offer many of the same amenities within the workroom. They help maintain a productive and healthy work environment, ensuring that all workers feel productive and comfortable.

  1. Medical Social Worker

Medical social workers work in various healthcare settings, including long-term care centers, clinics, and hospitals. They appear as case managers, patient navigators, or therapists based on the family’s or individual’s needs.

Furthermore, the demand for this profession will grow as the Baby Boomers age, making this a dominant field for social work candidates to enter.

  1. Family and Child Therapist

Family and child therapists emphasize addressing the requirements of kids from toddlerhood to latency. They may focus on subjects like child development, mental illness, play therapy, or attachment issues. They function to develop child-centric explanations for families careworn with corrupt social dynamics.

  1. Foster Care Social Worker

The foster care social worker’s job is what many people imagine when they first think of social work. These workers advocate for kids in foster care, ensuring they are appropriately cared for and braced by their resource families. Other than that, the job can get emotionally penetrating, but it is equally rewarding.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

Though it may seem counterintuitive, social work openings are appearing more often in the private sector. An occupation in corporate social responsibility will offer you the chance to make an impressive environmental and social impact with the resources of a more significant company at your disposal. Since more and more companies capitalize on sustainability schemes, social workers in this sector are in high demand.

  1. Policy Analyst

Social workers aren’t bound to work with patients – they can also utilize a broader approach and shift to addressing and solving social issues at the policy standard. Social workers who advocate for extensive program reform pave the way forward for their nobles in every field of collaborative work.


The overall job perspective for social work is fantastic, with specific locales poised to make even more swift advances than others. People are always going to require empathetic and skilled individuals to aid them through tough times. However, the types and number of people seeking social workers, and the equipment used to help those patrons, are likely to change.

Regardless of what will happen shortly, think about what you are going to do NOW. Hence, pick a career path that speaks to you and start contributing to society!