Disclaimer: I received a sample product in order to facilitate my honest review.

This past year has been a tough one with the pandemic, and I have tried to focus on making improvements in my life, from doing things that I don’t normally have time to do, to house repairs, to working on overall better health. While I have been able to slowly make these improvements, the reality is that I am working more than ever, and somehow we manage to stay busy. So when there is a health product that is convenient, I take advantage of that!

I have heard about how healthy beets are for years. I stumbled across Red Ace Organics products, and was excited to give their beet juice powder a try.

100% Beet Juice Powder is rich in antioxidants, boots stamina, optimizes nitric oxide (No3) potency as well as supports cleansing and detoxification. It aides in cardiovascular health, supports healthy blood pressure and is low glycemic (great for diabetics). (redaceorganics.com)

There are so many amazing benefits of beets, from vitamins to minerals, to cardiovascular health (popularly known for reducing blood pressue).

Red Ace Beet Juice Powder is so easy to use. It only has one ingredient, and you can use this powder in so many ways – mixed in water, drinks, smoothies, cooking recipes and more.

I find it so easy to just take a teaspoon and add it to my tea or drink. I honestly don’t eat beets often, and I am a big fan of getting nutrition from a variety of sources, so this is great!

As for taste, the flavor is just like I thought beet juice powder would taste. I think this tastes just like beets, and I enjoy the natural taste. I appreciate that this is not sweetened, as there are so many health products that have unwanted sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can always use it with something else (like juice) if you want to change up the taste, or add your own sweetener. I usually just mix it with water, and that is fine with me.

Red Ace Organics has lots of other great products as well for health and wellness. I love how easy these are to use and incorporate into a health routine. I would love to try some other uses for this powder in recipes, as I imagine it will add a beautiful color in addition to providing health benefits.

Beet Performance has more than 3 organic beets per bottle, supports healthy blood pressure and increases stamina. It facilitates increased oxygen intake, supports cleansing and detoxification as well as supports a healthy libido. It provides natural, long lasting energy. 

Beets & Turmeric has a unique 2 oz. shot with turmeric, organic ginger, and other organic superfoods. It has more than 2 organic beets per bottle, is rich in powerful antioxidants, and supports the liver. It also assists with managing post-exercise inflammation. 

Beets & Greens has a unique 2 oz. shot with organic spinach, organic celery, and organic kale. It has more than 2 organic beets per bottle and has phytonutrients to support skin, hair, bone, heart and brain health. It supports cardiovascular health. It is rich in powerful antioxidants and supports cleansing and detoxification.  

Red Ace Organics is available in stores and online, including Whole Foods and Amazon. 

Visit Red Ace Organics at https://redaceorganics.com 
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