Moving is a hectic and stressful moment for everyone involved. You have to do so much without disrupting your daily routine. If you have kids, your stress and anxiety levels may skyrocket. Everyone knows that keeping kids engaged isn’t an easy task. So, before calling your removalist to transport you to your new location, you need to find ways of making moving day fun for your kids. This article gives you some tips.

  1. Involve Them In Packing

If your kids are old enough, you can get them to help you pack. Find a clipboard and pen, and ask them to list all the tasks they can handle. If they can’t decide on their own, you can give them things that are easy to pack such as kitchen utensils. Also, you can ask them to pack the belongings in their rooms under the supervision of an adult.

To make the packing fun, promise to reward them if they finish their list. It could be taking them out for a movie night, or buying them their favourite foods.

  1. Ask Them To Decorate Moving Boxes

As you run around the house packing the other items, you can engage your kids by asking them to decorate the already packed boxes. This’ll require stickers and colored markers. Don’t restrain them on what images or artwork to use to decorate the boxes, but their imaginations run wild. 

To ensure the box labels are readable, you can stencil or write some chunky letters on the boxes’ exterior and have the kids fill them in. You can think about stickers, glitter pens, line art, and patterns that work for you. 

  1. Create A Moving Day Fun Kit

On the moving day, you can grab a backpack or box and fill it with engaging and exciting activities that your kids will enjoy. Think board games, colouring-in books, crayons or pens, snacks, and DIY-crafts kits. 

If your kids can use digital devices, you can download their favourite movies on their laptops or iPads, and let them watch as you pack. This mix of activities will help you combat the monotonous “I’m bored” soundtrack. 

  1. Ask The Kids To Pack Their “First Night” Box

As you organize and pack your house items, you can keep the kids busy by asking them to pack one of the boxes with the items they’ll need in the new house. Help them identify every little thing they’ll require the first night in their new room. That way, you’ll spare yourself from digging into boxes while keeping them busy. 

Some things that they can stuff in their first night box include toiletries, PJs, night lights, and stuffed toys. Having these favourite items nearby can help comfort your kids and ease their transition process. 

  1. Throw A Farewell Party 

Kids can easily get stressed when they live with their friends, schools, and neighbourhood. To lessen this stress, you can throw a farewell party. This party can take place a week before the move or the actual day of the move. 

Let it just be a simple party where your kids can bid farewell to their friends. Ensure you invite their friends early enough and buy simple snacks like cupcakes and popcorns. Also, think about activities that all the kids can enjoy. That way, your kids will reminisce the fun times they spent with their friends. 

In Conclusion

Keeping kids engaged can help to lessen your moving stress. These are but a few activities that you can use to keep your kids engaged as you pack and move.